Social note on Artificial Intelligence


I started this only for three lines to discuss this idea with a small group of professionals on my handy gadget connected through a very well known application WhatsApp Inc, but eventually I dig it down for many reasons. There was flash news on MSN that HDFC bank is planning to deploy 20+ humanoids in the course of next 2 years at their branches near head-office in India with writters concern of many losing jobs [R1]. Either the way question will be ‘Why Intelligent Machines’? Well, I think it depends if you are reading this for a country like Sweden which uses about 2% cash in transactions or you are reading from a perspective of country like India where 1.2 Billion (125 times to Sweden) people make through the day in a system which in-fact is not very robust. Further, when it comes to money you mind it, we are among the cheapest market with relatively great value at-least in basic immunities and education all across the globe.
“According to central bank the Riksbank, cash transactions made up barely 2% of the value of all payments made in Sweden last year – a figure some see dropping to 0.5% by 2020.” [R2].
There are thousands of expatriates and travelers taking a pause that are easily getting by for $600 a month total here, or spending twice that and living the high life. [R3] [R4]
So the point is, will humanoids replace human’s jobs? Well, you see around, particularly in financial sector what we do so far?
· ATMs(Automated Teller Machines)
· Internet Banking
· Credit Cards
· Shopping Cards
· Mobile Wallets
· Bit Coin (Trading not allowed in India)
· Blockchain (Under review in India) [R5] [R6]
Honestly speaking, I think why I should go to bank! This evening I had a conversation with a financer and I avoided all possibility to physically appear in bank. Ease of access is human tendency right? If I being a customer want to interact with machines all the way then why a bank should not be getting ready to adapt such culture! Welcome to the world of well programmed, heavy duty machines, welcome to Artificial Intelligence!
For most ordinary people Artificial Intelligence is a fantastic, fanatic and fictitious among them there are group of people who they see this quite scary thing, which is psychologically understood that machines will eat up our jobs then they will gradually over power us and then !…Matrix and then Matrix reloaded… ;) Just kidding!
Whatever, I believe human created machines and we will rule it till last like we have nuclear powers but we know what it is!
In fact, if we look around we will find out massive dependency on intelligent machines helping us in our daily lives including GPS, Accelerometers, Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor, Barometer, Magnetometer, Hall Sensor, Gyroscope, Thermometer many of them are on job and they stay in our pant pockets. We have some of the very popular bots working for long now including Microsoft’s Cortana [R7], Apple’s Sri [R8], Google’s assistant [R9] and many. There are just too many things altogether changing the shape of business model and then Internet of Things! You are connected with greatly programmed machines and working in an environment where you can talk, share and control your device in very well defined manner.
So far I can see ‘Artificial Intelligence is unleashing the human potential with the help of machines’. There are domain specific studies in Artificial Intelligence ranging from Cognitive services [R10], Data analysis and Machine learning [R11], Perception and sensing [R12] etc. ‘This is a kind of a collaboration of machines’ who they are well programmed and heavy duty.
To give you a very brief and quick picture of Artificial Intelligence just check the Image below. [R13]