SQL Demo Login in C#

This sample code contains a reusable control that allows you to build a dialog box that queries for SQL-Server connection parameters.

The SqlLoginSample project contains a single form (TestForm) that has two controls on it - the SqlLogin Control and a command button. The command button retrieves the connection string from the SqlLogin Control and displays the connect string and then connects to the database.

The SqlLogin Control


  • Server_Name
  • Database_Name
  • User_Name
  • Pass_Word
  • Integrated_Security
  • Connection_String (get only)
  • Connection_Label Controls the Label on the Group Box

The reason I created this utility is there is no way in .NET to populate a list of SQL-Server servers, nor is there a built-in mechanism for getting a list of all the databases available on a given server. Therefore I used SQLDMO to provide these functions. A project you create that uses the SqlLogin control must reference the SQLDMO COM control (Add Reference, COM tab, Microsoft SQLDMO Object Library).

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