Start Speech Recognition In Windows 10

In this article we will learn how to start the Speech Recognition in Windows 10 operating system.

In Windows Operating System Speech Recognition is a very powerful feature which is used to do window tasks by voice commands. But,  Windows 10 users don't know how to use voice commands in Windows Operating system and how it works properly. By using this feature we can control your Personal system with your own voice commands. For using this feature, just follow some sequential steps which will help to use this feature.

Step 1

First of all we will set up a Microphone in Windows 10. Single Click on the Notification icon that is placed atthe  right side bottom corner, it looks just like this screen shot.

Notification tab

Single click on All Settings tab to open Settings of Windows 10.

Setting Tab

Step 2

After opening Settings Window, we can type "Speech" in the search box for searching Speech Recognition setting options and Select Speech Recognition option, just look at this screen shot.

Speech Setting

select speech

After clicking on Speech Recognition Option we will see new setting window called Speech Recognition Setting window, look at the below screen shot.

Speech Recoginization

In this setting window we will see a number of options likes Start Speech Recognition, Set up Microphone etc. But we are firstly to select Set up Microphone Option to configure microphone with windows 10.

SetUP micro.

Step 3

Now we will see new Microphone Setup Wizard popup window and choose microphone type which we will connect with Windows 10 Operating System and press Next button; Just look at this screen shot.

Microphone Setting

Press Next Button to test microphone with Windows10.

SetUp Microphone

First read sentence "Peter dictates his computer........." for Readying the Microphone for voice commands; for example, follow this screen shot.

Speech text

If we will read the sentence in the correct voice then OFF mode NEXT button is automatically Changed into ON mode by Windows to identify your are Ready for using Microphone and pressing Finish button which looks like this screen shot.

MicroSoft finish

If wedon't read the sentence in the correct voice then a Warning message window is opened which looks like this screen shot.

Set Microphone Possition

Step 4

After you've done the above Three steps successfully, now we will start Speech Recognition so click on Speech Recognition option which looks like this screen shot.

Start Speech

After clicking on Speech Recognition a new Application is opened called Speech Recognition Application, which looks as this screen shot.

Speech Starter

Now Click on Mic button to Start the Speech Recognition, Just look at this screen shot.

On mic

Step 5

Finally we are ready for testing some voice commands for example, first open some windows on the Desktop screen and then Pass voice command "Switch To Desktop" by Microphone to Speech Recognition, then we will see all the Controls are passed to Desktop Screen and  all windows are automatically minimized or hidden; see these screen shots.

Before Switch To Desktop command.


After Switch To Desktop command.

desktop 2

Before Open File Explorer command.

desktop 3

After Open File Explorer command.

after file explorer


In this article by following sequences steps we used Speech Recognition in Windows 10 Operating System by Voice Commands. It is also different from Windows 10 Cortana Assistant. I hope you really liked this article and will try it. Thanks for learning.