Steps for Creating a Microsoft Purview Governance Account

Microsoft Purview

Microsoft Purview was developed with the purpose of providing corporations with plenty of methods for gaining access to a comprehensive and useful view of their information while protecting themselves from cyberattacks.

It combines the Microsoft 365 Compliance service to enable corporations to manage their data end-to-end in compliance with regulations, secure it and offer risk solutions.

Azure Purview

Azure Purview's comprehensive data governance system helps corporations manage and regulate their on-premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS data.

With a variety of options, including- This service enables you to construct an up-to-date comprehensive map of your data landscape.

  • Automated data discovery
  • Confidential data classification
  • End-to-end data lineage

Log in to the Azure Portal

Enter "Microsoft Purview" into the Azure search bar.

Login to microsoft

Choose Create to start a fresh Microsoft Purview account.

You might also look for Microsoft Purview in the marketplace and choose Create as an alternative.

Microsoft Purview account

Choose the Azure subscription where you wish to create your account from the list on the new Create Microsoft Purview account page's Basics tab.

For the group that will hold your account, choose an existing resource group or start a new one.

Type the name of your Microsoft Purview account. Symbols and spaces are not permitted.

Choose a location that supports the Microsoft Purview governance portal. Your Microsoft Purview account and metadata will be stored in the region you choose. Note that sources may be located elsewhere.

Microsoft Purview governance portal.

You can give your managed resource group a name. This group will be used by Microsoft Purview to construct a managed storage account that it will use throughout its operations.

managed resource

You have the option of connecting to any network or using private endpoints under the Networking menu.

You have the option to configure Event Hubs namespaces on the Configuration tab so that they can automatically monitor your Microsoft Purview account using Event Hubs and Atlas Kafka.

Microsoft Purview account

The Microsoft Purview governance portal is where you'll access and administer your account once it's been set up. In order to access the Microsoft Purview governance portal, follow these two steps:

On the overview page of Azure Portal, click the Open Microsoft Purview governance portal tile.

Microsoft Purview governance portal tile

You can sign in to your workspace by browsing directly to  and selecting your Microsoft Purview account name.

Microsoft Purview

Note. After creating your account, you can configure these options in Kafka configuration under settings on the page for your Microsoft Purview account in the Azure Portal.

Kafka Configurtaion


In this article, we learned The steps for creating a Microsoft Purview governance account; in our next article, we will learn how to access it(Microsoft Purview).

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