Steps To Deploy A Farm Solution (wsp file) In A SharePoint Farm

Please follow the steps below to deploy a “farm solution” in a SharePoint Farm (both 2010 & 2013). A farm solution is something that can have an impact on the entire farm when deployed and being a SharePoint Administrator you can activate this on a specific web application or (on multiple web applications if you use the full-trust model ).

  1. Login to the SharePoint WFE server using the “SharePoint Farm account “.

  2. Open the “SharePoint Management Shell “window with elevated permissions and type the below command as show in the screenshot.

    “ Add-SPSolution –LiteralPath D:\WSP\SPD_SendEmailWithAttachment.wsp”


    Literal Path - Mention the folder path where you have saved the .wsp file.

    SPD_SendEmailWithAttachment -  Here in this scenario the name of the wsp file that we are deploying is “SendEmailwithAttachment” and hence it has been named so.

    WSP - WSP stands for Windows SharePoint.

  3. Once you’re done typing the above command, hit “enter “and it will give you the details of the wsp file as shown below.


  4. Once you’re done with that, run the below mentioned command to get the details of the .wsp file. Please make sure you’re copying the solution ID properly.


  5. Now since you’re done with adding the farm solution, please go ahead and run the below mentioned command to install it. Please check the screenshot below for reference,

    “Install-SPSolution –Identity “solution ID” –GACDeployment” (Solution ID would be the ID which you see in the screenshot below)


  6. Finally, once you’re done installing the farm solution please navigate to “System settings” in Central Administration and click on “Manage farm solutions” as shown below.


  7. Please check whether you’re able to see the wsp file that you currently deployed in the list of wsp files available there. In our scenario the wsp file name is “spd_sendemailwithattachment.wsp” and you can see that in the list of wsp files that has been deployed on the farm.


  8. Since we have verified that the .wsp file has been deployed successfully, the next step would be to activate the feature on the web application. For this click on “Manage web applications” in Central Administration, select the web application on which you need to activate the feature, then click on Manage Features on the top ribbon interface.


  9. Finally check for the feature related to the solution that we deployed and click on activate (check screenshot below).