Switching From Google Apps To Office 365

Planning to switch to Office 365 from Google Apps? Here are all the tactics you need to know! Grab the methods to move G Suite data to Microsoft Office 365 right here.


Switching From Google Apps To Office 365


First, let’s discuss why users are choosing O365 over G Suite!

People Welcome Office 365 Over Google Apps – Key Points to Consider

Undoubtedly, Google and Microsoft always win our hearts by offering the world’s best applications. Above all, Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 both are the best SaaS (Software as a service) applications. If we consider the overview of these suites, they possess similar functionalities, like one can access or share online data within or outside the company. Luckily, there are some significant differences that make Office 365 different from G Suite and attract users to switch from Google Apps to Office 365. So, the key points that make O365 superior are:


To protect the users' data, both cloud-based applications offer the best security. Despite that, Microsoft has always placed security as its top priority. In fact, Office 365 uses strong data encryption techniques that include Transport Layer Security, IPSec (Internet Protocol Security), and Advanced Encryption Standard for data encryption. Even, Microsoft recently upgraded Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection (in short, ATP). These security measures protect email against most advanced malware, including spam messages through strong email filtering feature in transit and rest state. As well as, ATP provides safety from URLs that carry phishing traps. Furthermore, Microsoft Office 365 business suite uses following compliance standards,

  • ISO 27018
  • ISO 27001
  • SSAE16
  • SOC1 Type II
  • SOC2 Type II
  • EU Data Protection Directive
  • GDPR

All these policies are used to create a strong infrastructure that fulfills each and every requirement of an organization regarding Office 365 security.


Here comes the best part! Office 365 business suite offers to work in offline mode by downloading all the applications on a desktop. On the contrary, G Suite strictly requires a web browser to use the services. It signifies that Google Apps users cannot do work in the absence of internet connections. Still, Office 365 users need to connect online every 30 days to keep the apps activate.

Subscription Plans

G Suite has three plans for businesses, i.e., Basic, Business, and Enterprise. On the other hand, Office 365 provides a number of plans, such as Office 365 Enterprise E1, E2, E3, Office 365 Business, Office 365 Business Premium, Office 365 Business Essentials. So, in O365, users have numerous options to select the plan according to its requirement.

Data Storage Space

The most important asset of any business is proper management of its data. When we consider data storage capacity, Google Apps provides 30 GB of data storage space in its Basic subscription plan. However, Office 365 suite offers 1 TB of storage under its Business essentials plan. But, in both the suites, users can pay for more space regarding data storage according to the need.

Let's move on to the methods that import data of Google Apps to O365 account.

Techniques Used to Migrate Google Apps Email to Office 365

Before the migration procedure, it is must to know which type of data items a user needs to import in Office 365 from G Suite. If users wish to transfer only emails from Google Apps mailboxes, that can be done with the help of IMAP Migration approach. The problem with this manual technique is that it does not move contacts and calendar entries to Office 365. In fact, the entire IMAP Migration method has majorly five stages that themselves consist number of steps.


  • Stage 1: Domain Verification
  • Stage 2: Include users in Office 365
  • Stage 3: Enlist all migration Gmail mailboxes
  • Stage 4: Establish a connection between O365 & Gmail
  • Stage 5: Make migration batch & initiate the process


So, What About G Suite Contacts & Calendars Migration?

It is obvious that organizations do not want to wait for a long period of time just for email migration using manual, IMAP migration approach. Even, it is not worth it. So, it is advised to have a solution i.e., fulfill all the need of organizations. For this, SysToolsG Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool is best suited for migrating data items of Google Apps to O365 in the least amount of time.

Final Say!

Google Apps (now G Suite) and Office 365 suites both provide online collaboration tools that help end-users manage small or big businesses. However, Microsoft Office 365 has various benefits that invite users to switch from Google Apps to Office 365. Therefore, we have discussed the various workarounds through which users can migrate their G Suite data in O365.