SynchroBit - A Unique Digital Asset Trading Platform Of Crypto World

SynchroBit - A Unique Digital Asset Trading Platform Of Crypto World
SynchroBit is a unique cryptocurrency exchange platform different from other platforms because it has introduced a wide range of innovative trading and investment tools, solutions, and opportunities to its users. It is highly user-friendly for both beginner and professional traders, with compatible and customizable UI, highly accurate charts, and real-time data analytics. It enables startups, entrepreneurs, companies, and societies for the successful launch of their ICOs and Tokens, and in the meantime, provides the investors and buyers to benefit from approved and real ICO projects and opportunities.
SynchroBit is made to solve a few common problems that users face:
  • Lack of adequate security for keeping valuable digital assets & funds
  • Lack of integrated fund management features
  • Lack of transparency in policies and strategies
  • Lack of socialization tools and solutions
  • Lack of diversity in trading techniques and tools
  • Market manipulation
  • Front running by the exchanges
  • Slippage in data
  • Lack of adequate user support and services
  • Inadequate liquidity
  • Lack of innovative trading solutions
SynchroBit is a peer-to-peer trading platform that aims to minimize the conventional boundaries and provides its users with a comprehensive platform for trading various kinds of digital assets across multiple trading ways, including binary options, futures, options, and smart contracts.
SyncroBit covers a wide range of features such as security features. Security is one of the major concerns for both newcomers and professional traders while trading on any digital assets trading platform. Hacker attacks, system malfunctioning, long maintenance time, and decreasing performance of the trading platforms, are among the significant headaches that everyone may experience. Security is not a project but is a process. The main reason for the vulnerability of trading platforms is not their codes or their infrastructures. There is no doubt that these platforms use the best systems, develop more secure codes, and employ top cyber-security advisors and staff for ensuring the security of their platforms. However, hackers always find their ways to provoke security measures.
SynchroBit considers the security as a process which means that the platform should be well equipped with advanced cyber-security infrastructures and technologies, and, more importantly, it should involve the users in improving and maximizing the security of the platform which means the security of their assets and funds! The platform will train its users to enhance the safety of their accounts and provide them with the available tools and solutions to maximize their security.
All cryptocurrency assets on SynchroBit can be stored by the users on the recommended Cold-Wallets, including Trezor. SynchroBit is fully integrated with Trezor ColdWallet, and there is no need for keeping the cryptocurrency assets on SynchroBit by the users. For the users that have no access to hardware Cold-Wallets like Trezor, SynchroBit has adopted Asymmetric Synchronized Wallets (ASW) which uses multilayered technology to keep them tamperproof. This security measure is enabled by SYNCHRONIUM blockchain-based consensus, Proof of Synchronization (PoSync) which is an asymmetry consensus and enables the keeping of assets and conducting the transactions on various public blockchain networks. Due to its asymmetry, it’s hard to trace the transactions, and somehow, it’s hard to hack the wallets since they are not centralized on SynchroBit.
The security features of SynchroBit includes,
  • Confirm crypto withdrawals with two-factor authentication.
  • Confirm crypto withdrawals by email.
  • Confirm bank withdrawals with two-factor authentication.
  • Confirm bank withdrawals by email.
  • Notify by email when crypto deposits are made.
  • Notify by email when bank deposits are made.
  • Notify by email when crypto withdrawals are made.
  • Notify by email when withdrawals to bank accounts are made.
  • Notify by email when somebody logs into your account
The unique feature of SynchroBit is that it benefits from high liquidity and diversity of listed assets.
Diversified markets of SynchroBit provide many advantages to users such as,
  • Enhancing the liquidity of the assets
  • Diversified options for profitability and higher ROIs
  • Using cryptocurrency assets for trading other trade-able funds and assets
  • Improving the flexibility of the users for shifting from one market to the different markets during the uncertainty in a given market
  • Benefiting from global trends in various financial markets
As a result, SynchroBit is the first platform that provides its users with additional trading features with crypto assets. All trading pairs are P2P, which prevents any manipulation and enhances the liquidity of the assets. All markets on SynchroBit are defined as separated modules, including crypto market module, Metals Market Module, Energy Market Module, Commodities Market Module, ICO Markets Module, etc.
SynchroBit is a progressive digital assets trading platform which aims to provide its users with leading-edge solutions and security to make their trades faster, smarter, cheaper, and better than ever. To make SynchroBit a more user-oriented platform, it has adopted PDCA methodology for continuous improvement as,
  • Plan - which refers to the version’s plan and proof of concept
  • Do - which refers to the implementation of every version and its functionality in the real world
  • Check - which refers to the analysis of user experience and feedback and diagnostics
  • Act - which refers to corrective activities and employing the users’ feedback and experience in developing the next version
It is a new and different exchange platform which is ready to revolutionize the Crypto world with its unique features.