TCP Date Client/Server

Tools Used : Visual C# .NET

Free to use Tutorials on Communicating using TCP Sockets on Microsoft's .NET Platform using C#.

Installation Instructions

Unzip the zip file in to any directory (Remember to keep 'Use folder names' checked ON in your un zipping program.)

Then go to the 'source' directory and click 'compile.bat' .

DateServer -- Sample Program to demonstrate the TCP Date Server (run this file before running the DateClient) .

DateClient -- Sample Program to demonstrate the TCP Date Client.

[Source Directory]

source>DateServer.cs -- Source Code for the DateServer.exe
source>DateClient.cs -- Source Code for the DateClient.exe
source>compile.bat -- a Batch file to compile the above source codes.


Any PC with the .NET Framework SDK Installed on it.
MS-Access Drivers [Generally available in all Microsoft Windows releases].

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