The One Minute AI# 11 - Bing Image Search

Series introduction

Welcome to a new series of short articles I am presenting about Artificial Intelligence specifically in the Azure AI stack. The objective is that you will learn about an Azure-based AI service in no more than one minute and thus quickly get familiar with the entire stack over a short period of time. These are going short, easily digestible articles so let's get started!

What is Bing Image Search?

Through the use of big data generated from billions of searchers and information contained within images, Microsoft has developed machine learning systems that try to determine the intent of your image search.
By using Bing’s Image Search API you can use Bing’s image search capabilities in your applications by sending a search query to Bing and getting back a list of relevant images. The results include thumbnails, full image URLs, publishing website info, image metadata, and more. Examples of image metadata includes related image searches, captions, shopping sources and visually similar images, among others.
You can use filters to narrow the search results according to layout, image type, license and freshness. With the Bing Statistics add-on you can easily retrieve analytics about the searches such as call volume, market distribution and top queries.


Bing Image Search
Bing Entity Search API is a RESTful web service which means that you can easily call it from any programming language that can make HTTP requests and parse JSON.
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