The Prevailing Importance Of Women In The Blockchain Era

The Prevailing Importance Of Women In The Blockchain Era
Recognizing women’s achievements certainly helps when it comes to raising awareness of gender equality, especially in male-dominated industries.  The era of the cryptocurrency industry has demonstrated rapid advancement.  The implementation of this innovative form of financial interaction entails a completely transformed method of the business transaction.  While the statistics demonstrate the small percentage of women’s involvement, it’s important to highlight the women leaders who are responsible for shaping the blockchain landscape.  As with any field, there are women in different roles in the blockchain and crypto industry.  If we want to usher in the era of Blockchain, we need to make sure it reflects the best of us, that it embraces the notions of diversity, and gender equality, that much of humanity has adopted.
The Prevailing Importance Of Women In The Blockchain Era
Because of the drastic transition in societal daily happenings, the importance of having women be a part of this adaptation has been perceived as extremely crucial. Consequently, various initiatives have been taken to target their social importance.  Over time, there is a clear rise of women specifically in the tech sector: women hold 20% of tech jobs and 17.7% of startups have had a female founder.  This figure will undoubtedly increase rapidly over time, as the constant initiative to integrate women in the tech industry is acknowledged on a wider scale.  A decentralized financial transaction system, such as that within the crypto, requires believing in the potential of the individual to contribute to a greater good and to the advancement of values that leave positive impacts on society and productivity levels.  Therefore, this is not limited to a business perspective, but rather the consideration of the various people who can play a key role in the decentralization of common business practice and reshape it in the most innovative nature.  By understanding the value of innovation in crypto and the possibilities it opens to society, an individual who is well-versed in this sector understands the fact that this includes the involvement of women into this industry to maintain continuous development and success.
Since the emergence of this industry and the beginning of its prevailing impact, several women have been playing key roles in developing its global influence.  These women have been considerable contributors to the expansion of the field and demonstrate the fact that as the crypto field grows over time, women are needed to maintain the sustainable outcomes that will leave promising externalities on society.


The stability and security that women’s participation provides, would drastically improve blockchain’s legitimacy in more traditional spheres.  It would make it easier for loan providers, investors and potential clients and partners to work with companies involved in the blockchain, if more women were in the industry, giving blockchain the benefit of their stabilizing influence.
Blockchain technology is truly disruptive, and like other disruptive technologies before it, it will eventually impact almost every possible industry.  That includes industries and areas traditionally dominated by women.  To ensure blockchain provides the right kind of utility, companies need women experienced with those often-overlooked industries to start shaping the technology now.  That way, the technology will be built with the needs of these female-dominated industries at their very heart, instead of trying to shoehorn in an already developed technology.  As technology develops, it needs to scale with the interests of all of us in mind.  Women stand to attain disproportionately from access to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and to alienate them is to miss a tremendous opportunity.
Emerging technologies need women, and women need emerging technologies.  Women bring more and different experiences and expertise to the table.  They can overcome challenges and fulfill opportunities successfully, and just like every other company, blockchain companies can benefit from that.