Tinkering With Hololens App

In this article we will learn how to tinker with Hololens App. We will try to work on the code and modify it to our liking.

With an ongoing process of development with Hololens in this article we will try to work on the code and modify it to our liking.

Let's brea down the Hololens app,
We will now work on modifying the spinning render cpp file now and we need to check on which points we need to modify for Hololens rendering of the cube.

We attack the part where it is written as cube indices. Let's look on changing the co-ordinates first.

  1. static const unsigned short cubeIndices [] =  
  2. {  
  3. 2,5,0, // -x  
  4. 2,3,5,  
  6. 3,4,1, // +x  
  7. 3,1,7,  
  9. 0,5,1, // -y  
  10. 0,1,4,  
  12. 2,3,7, // +y  
  13. 2,7,6,  
  15. 0,4,3, // -z  
  16. 0,3,2,  
  18. 5,6,7, // +z  
  19. 5,7,1,  
  20. };  
Now if we run the app in the Hololens emulator the output is as shown below,


Further modifications to continue.


We find out that it's easy to change shapes of an object and the content needs to be changed in cube renderer cpp file. With changes we can get lot of effects on the object creation.
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