Top 10 Jobs In The US For 2019

The year 2019 is going to be another great year for technology growth and tech jobs. The U.S. tech sector is expected to grow 6 - 8% this year. That means more jobs in the tech sector, higher salaries, and more learning.
LinkedIn just came out with its most promising jobs of 2019 listing
Top USA Jobs in 2019 
I am not surprised to see Machine Learning Engineer and Cloud Architect taking the top spots. The following chart shows the Top 15 jobs with their projected growth. The IT Lead and Cloud Architect jobs are expected to grow by 141% and 88% respectively.
Among the list, Site Reliability Engineer job is the highest-paid job at $200k a year, followed by Enterprise Account Executive and Machine Learning Engineer, both at $182k a year.
The jobs that top ML Engineer and Cloud Architect are Site Reliability Engineer and Enterprise Account Executive. These two jobs are more or less business development and sales with technical expertise.
The following table lists the jobs, their salaries, and YoY growth.




Data Scientist



Site Reliability Engineer



Enterprise Account Executive



Product Designer



Product Owner



Customer Success Manager



Engagement Manager



Solutions Architect



Information Technology Lead



Scrum Master



Cloud Architect



Product Marketing Manager



Solutions Consultant



Product Manager



Machine Learning Engineer



Among these top jobs, Site Reliability Engineer, Enterprise Account Executive, Machine Learning Engineer, and Cloud Architect are the highest-paying jobs.
#1. Site Reliability Engineer
Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)’s are technical experts and coders who do more than just coding. The SRE’s job includes owning the availability of a product with measuring failures and availability of SLIs and SLOs, using a proactive approach to prevention over mitigation and mitigation over fixing. The SRE collaborates with Devs and works with PMs in order to continuously improve the availability and quality of the services. They will share ownership with the Dev team to create shared responsibility where the SRE owns the availability of the service, proactively prevents issues, and performs deliberate and structured troubleshooting to mitigate issues.
Building automation tools and practices is a common goal of SREs to reduce the manual work. The responsibilities of SREs include monitoring and improving the availability, performance and security of production services, applying prevention steps in order to improve production services reliability, mitigating issues on production systems and building solutions through automation to prevent them from reoccurring, automating common, repeatable tasks using Ansible and scripting languages, and performing triage and managing escalation of cases.
In brief, a site reliability engineer is a person who makes sure that the product works, mitigates failures, and keeps everything up and running smoothly.
#2. Enterprise Account Executive
The Enterprise Solutions Account Executive role is less technical and more about sales and business relationships. They are responsible for driving new business sales, building and maintaining executive relationships with customers, influencing long-term strategic directions, acting as a trusted advisor, and bringing technical teams as needed into the discussion with existing and potential clients.
#3. Machine Learning Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer is another in-demand career. An ML engineer usually is a programmer who writes code in one of the ML programming languages such as Python to automate tasks by applying algorithms and data modeling. Top skills needed for this job are Machine Learning, Python, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science.
#4. Cloud Architect
Cloud migration continues to rise. More and more businesses are moving to the cloud. Cloud Architects are in high demand and the demand will continue to grow. The most popular clouds are AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, and Oracle. Out of that, AWS and Azure count for 90% of the cloud work.
Cloud Architects are responsible for providing the vision and building the strategy for data and/or infrastructure migration to the cloud, reducing costs, and working with technical teams, DevOps, DBAs, and Network teams to architect the cloud solutions.

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