10 Tips To Increase Productivity

Time is limited. Time is finite. Time cannot be bought. As Elon Musk says:

Top 10 Tips To Increase Productivity

Do you feel like you do not have enough time in a day to finish your work? Are you always behind schedule? Do you want to achieve more in a day?

This article talks about how to increase your productivity and become more efficient so you can achieve more in less time.

Before we talk about increasing productivity, let us try to understand what productivity is. In technical terms, productivity is defined as output per unit of input. Productivity is a measure of efficiency, and the ultimate goal is to increase efficiency.

In technical terms, efficiency is level of performance that uses lowest amount of input to create the greatest amount of output.

In simple words, productivity is getting more work done in less time.

Let’s learn how we can do more work in less time. Here I will share my top 10 tips that have helped me achieve more tasks in less time. But before that, let’s look at..

How do we spend our day?

An average person spends 3 hours, 13 minutes each day doing unnecessary activities, according to Inc. Magazine.

That is more than a full month each year. What if you can save that 1 month each year for say, 80 years of your life. That will give you 80 months, that is almost 7 years.

YES, you get 7 years extra in life to do anything you want.

The following chart breaks down the average time a person spends doing different activities in a day.

Top 10 Tips To Increase Productivity


As you can see from the above chart, a person spends 8.6 hrs sleeping, 1.06 hrs eating and drinking, 4.99 hours in leisure and entertainment, work 3.32 hours, and rest in other activities.

Here is the irony. Successful people probably have more work than an average person but you will never hear from them those sentences.

I don’t have enough time”.

“I’m so busy”.

“I’m behind schedule”.

Why is that? That’s because they know how to manage their time.

Let’s take a look at how we can do the same and get more out of our limited time.

Here are top 10 tips that can improve your productivity.

Top 10 Tips To Increase Productivity

1. Make a Daily TO DO List and Prioritize Tasks

Prioritizing tasks is the first thing you want to do that includes a weekly and daily To Do list. Not only just make a list but also try to finish it on or before time.

Top 10 Tips To Increase Productivity

Some things that can help are to set priorities and try to finish high priority tasks before low priority. There are several productivity tools out there that may help you measure and improve productivity. Allocating a time and set reminders can help get tasks done faster.

2. Analyze and Measure for Productivity

Measuring time spent on various tasks and evaluating them is very important. Write down tasks and time spent on those tasks and use tools to measure productivity. You can also evaluate them and compare with average time.

Excercise: Write down your daily time spent on each task and review it. Think about it. For example, I started working on one article and it took me 2 hours to write in one morning.

3. Allocate Time Wisely 

If you are more productive at certain times doing certain tasks, allocate those tasks at that time. For example, some people are better at writing at night while others are more focused on the morning.

Set meetings, phone calls, and emails when you are not productive doing other tasks.

Use your best time to do the hardest tasks.

4. Group Similar Tasks and Finish At Once If You Can

Grouping tasks in one set can save you time and make you productive. Here are a few tips to group tasks:

  • Turn off notifications and set aside time for certain activities.
  • Don’t jump on every email unless your work depends on emails. Check emails every hour or two at once, rather than replying to one email at a time.
  • Allocate time for phone calls and meetings if you can.
  • Allocate time for social media and keep your phone away from work desk.

5. Stop Multitasking and Focus on One Task at a Time

The human mind is not good at multi-tasking. It is better when focused on one task at a time. A study conducted by Stanford University found that multitasking can seriously damage your brain.

According to Forbes, multitasking lowers IQ and damages brain. 

According to 10 Real Risks of Multitasking, to Mind and Body, here are 10 risks of multitasking:

  1. Multitasking harms our brain
  2. Multitasking can lead to memory problems
  3. Multitasking can lead to increased distractibility
  4. Multitasking can make us walk into traffic
  5. Multitasking hurts your grades and the grades of those around you
  6. Multitasking can lead to falling and breaking bones
  7. Multitasking can harm your relationship
  8. Multitasking increases chronic stress
  9. Multitasking increases depression and social anxiety
  10. Multitasking makes you less productive and efficient

6. Set Your Own Deadlines and Try To Beat Them

When you create a TO DO list, setting your own deadlines help getting tasks done on time. Not only set deadlines, but next time try to beat your own time.

Always compete with yourself and try to beat your own time.

7. Take Breaks, Both Physical and Mental

Taking frequent physical and mental breaks help productivity.

Stop working if you are not being productive

Oh yeah, and watching TV is not a break.

CIPHR article, lists 5 benefits of taking breaks:

  1. Breaks help you to process and retain information
  2. You’ll get a better sense of the big picture
  3. You’ll be more creative
  4. Breaks can help you cultivate healthier habits
  5. Taking regular breaks helps you be more productive

8. Add Physical Activities to Your Routine

Adding small physical activities at work during breaks increases productivity.

Stretch a few times a day or light exercise helps improve physical and mental health.

Walk few minutes if possible. Some people walk during phone calls and meetings.

In this article on Lifehack, here are 5 benefits of exercise.

  • Exercise helps you handle stress better
  • Gives you more brain cells means more brain power
  • Gives you more energy
  • Makes you happier
  • Gives you a memory boost

9. Stay Positive and Motivated

Talk to highly energetic, motivated, and positive people. Positivity has major impact on productivity.

6 Ways Positive Thinking Can Increase Productivity

  1. Increases your energy
  2. Increases brain simulation
  3. Reduces stress
  4. Enhances your problem solving skills
  5. Helps your identity and take advantages of opportunities
  6. Helps your work better in teams

7 Ways a Positive Attitude Can Make You More Productive

  1. It reduces your stress
  2. It attracts social support
  3. It contributes to a great work environment
  4. It can boost your creativity
  5. It can make you more productive
  6. It improves your time management
  7. It leads to better relationships

10. What is your secret?

Do you have any productivity tips that you would like to share with us? Do you agree or disagree with these tips? Please share what you do make yourself productive and get your tasks done at time.


In this article, I shared my top 10 tips of increasing productivity. The key to productivity is measuring time spent on tasks and compare with others and yourself. Spending time and analyzing your time spent on tasks can help boost your productivity. Multitasking is definitely not good for productivity. So is not distraction.

What do you think? Please let me know by posting a comment here.

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