Top 12 React.js Libraries You Should Know In 2019

Web development has changed drastically in past few years. Developers are going crazy with JavaScript libraries and so many new JS libraries are appearing left and right.

React or React.js is the second most popular, if not the most popular JavaScript library after Angular. React js was launched in 2013 and have chosen by the different developers for building user interfaces. React itself is not a complete framework and to provide additional functionlality, developers can use other JS libraries. 
About 71% of StackOverflow users state that React.js is the best tool and they wish to work on this for their upcoming projects. As per the survey, React.js popularity considerably increased from 2017 to 2019. It is one of the top javascript library and framework. A large number of components, tools and libraries are released to elucidate the developer work and minimise the effort. In every month a new device is made-up to make the react.js more delightful, seamless and fast.

Top 12 React.js Libraries for your upcoming projects

How to Create React App

Create React App is one of the command line tool developed by FB developers that allows you to make a React.js app very quickly. It constructs the structure of files and catalogues, contains the tools required to test, build and starts your application.

Create React App is an unconditional command line; it is essential for each React task as it preserves a lot of time; otherwise, we spent more time on manual setup configuration of the app. In this, you want to run just one command line, and it does that entire for you.

Top 12 React.js Libraries You Should Know In 2019 

The state management solutions were developed to create a bug packed app rather than build a messy state while the remaining libraries are concentrated on restricting the developer from changing the State. MobX allows developers they can be simply and automatically extracted everything.

UI Material

UI Material contains a series of components developed by Google, which perform on their material design. As per GitHub it got 36 starts and is the best popular bundle of all React.js libraries. It is user-friendly, humble, attractive and light. It has been introduced from a couple of years ago but it has not lost its fame, and we see the regular updates for Material UI.

Top 12 React.js Libraries You Should Know In 2019 

The enzyme was made by AirBnB team and released in 2015 as an open source. It is one of the javascript library made to Test React Components. This tool is made accessible by users, and it makes it easier to manipulate, traverse and assert your output react components.

Styled Components

Styled components are used to organise your React.js project with the help of React Native, and it is a CSS tool. It takes the responsibility of your app look by building small and reusable components. We can say thanks to Styled Components. We can overcome the problem of accidentally overwriting with the help of modern CSS syntax straightly within your components.


Redux is looking like a MobX, and it is also a state management tool, provides clarification for JavaScript apps. Mostly it is used with a combination of React but is work like the other React framework. It allows us to connect directly to every component in the complete state, and it removes the need for callbacks or uses props.

Top 12 React.js Libraries You Should Know In 2019 
Redux form

Redux form is consist of action creators and reducer that makes easy to execute the customised complex structures. It was specially designed to work with Redux. It provides a well performing and easy results when we compare with the same kind of tools. It gives the flexibility to write the components and forms by yourself.

Top 12 React.js Libraries You Should Know In 2019 
React Virtualized

React Virtualized adis you enhance the capability of tabular data translation an extensive list. It serves to check the DOM elements, no of inquiries and increase the total execution of React apps. There are many identical tools to React Virtualized, that makes it best in terms of maintenance and functionalities.

Top 12 React.js Libraries You Should Know In 2019 
React Intl

For every language, there are a set of rules and conventions. In international projects, adopting the difference is not easy for this reason React Intl was built. It was designed to make the internalisation as straightforward and as simple as possible. It includes ready to go components, handle pluralisation, numbers, dates and API to format strings.

Top 12 React.js Libraries You Should Know In 2019
React DnD

React DnD is used to make drop interface and complicated drag. There are a lot of dragging and dropping libraries, but React DnD was assembled on top of contemporary HTML5 dragging and dropping API. But it has one the major drawback, and it doesn’t sustain touchscreens.

Top 12 React.js Libraries You Should Know In 2019

Gatsby is an advanced library, and it allows to generate the web sites on GraphQL and React.js quicker than any other web technology. Most websites use static generators for high-quality solutions. But Gatsby allows extend website functionality, and it is stable maintenance and support.


BluePrint is one of the libraries used to create apps by using reusable UI components. It was built for desktop solutions, later, outstanding flexibility and capabilities permitted into mobile and desktop solutions as well. Though the sponsors say, it may not be served for all mobile app needs.

It is not only a React library, and It can work well with Vue and Angular and also it can work with TypeScript, Javascript and CSS markup language.


The above discussed all are some important React js libraries, in which each of them has a strong functionality and unique features. Moreover, there are very easy to work with these.