Top U.S. Cities For Work In Artificial Intelligence


We are now in the midst of a digital age, and tech is everywhere you turn. From the phones in our hands to the smart devices in our home, for many, it is now hard to imagine a world without modern advances such as personal computers or perhaps even the internet. Now we are on the verge of a new type of potentially game-changing technology, Artificial Intelligence.
Earlier, we took a look at some of the top emerging jobs in the United States., and unsurprisingly, these top jobs were primarily comprised of positions in the tech industry. On this list, no position stands out more than Artificial Intelligence Specialist, the job which held the number one position on this year’s list. The role of A.I. Specialist is new and exciting, as the infinite potential of A.I. has created a highly promising job market. Clearly, A.I. is a very important specialization to consider for those looking to find work in the tech field.
The newly budding field of A.I. and a hopeful outlook towards the discipline means that it is not too soon to start looking for work in this sector. For many, this could require a move to a bigger city, one with a promising job market and plenty of opportunities in the tech field. Or perhaps a simple change of scenery is something that is necessary in your life. Whatever the reason may be, today we will be looking at the top 10 cities in the United States to start your career in the field of A.I. Recently, the online hiring company, Indeed, shared a report that ranked the following cities as best for jobs in A.I.
Top U.S. Cities For Work In Artificial Intelligence
Based on the above list, it is apparent that the best cities for the field of A.I. are those considered leading cities for the field of tech and the national job market in general. On the East Coast, New York City is home to a number of industries and company headquarters. As businesses make increasing use of A.I., more and more specialists will be required to fill the growing demand. Similarly, the West Coast tech companies have helped to create a large demand for A.I. Specialists, explaining the top position of cites such as San Francisco and San Jose.
Evidently, A.I Specialists are likely to find themselves in a flexible position when it comes to cities to live in. If you are one of these professionals looking at this list, you may feel overwhelmed. Where would be the best place to move? The top cities for A.I. are so diverse, spread out across several states! Let’s take a look at each city in depth and consider factors such as employment figures, potential earnings, and quality of living. After all, it’s not just your career you should take into consideration when deciding on a new home…
San Francisco, California
San Francisco is perhaps one of the best cities in the United States to move to if you wish to pursue a career in A.I. This is due to the Bay Area’s famous reputation as a tech hub, and the area’s close proximity to Silicon Valley. Though this region is not particularly large, it has one of the highest concentrations of tech firms in the country. San Francisco is a diverse, vibrant, and beautiful city. It’s walkable, and also has excellent public transportation. The cost of living is high; however, one can opt to live in Oakland, which lies just a short commute to the east. San Francisco is also known for its incredibly hilly landscape. This could be a good or a bad thing, depending on your desired level of daily physical activity.
New York City, New York
As one of the biggest cities in the U.S., New York City has just as equal and diverse of a job market. New York City has become one of the most globalized cities in the world and you can find work with companies from across the globe. Furthermore, the Big Apple is home to over 7,000 tech firms, providing ample work when it comes to A.I. More and more investors are being drawn to this city, cementing the city’s job market as one of the best in the nation. In terms of quality of life, despite a high cost of living, bad traffic, and the infamous New York attitude, New York City boasts awesome public transit, fantastic restaurants, beautiful green spaces (i.e. Central Park), and perhaps an endless number of things to do! (As long as you have the money, of course).
Boston, Massachusetts
For many people, when it comes to A.I., one of the first images that comes to their heads is that of robotics. The city of Boston, with its thriving robotics industry, is partly to blame for this association, as popular robotics companies such as Boston Dynamics or Amazon Robotics are proud to call the city their home. Boston is home to MIT, one of the best schools for tech in the world. Due to this, there is no shortage of tech jobs. The city is also experiencing an influx of investment from outside tech companies such as Google and Apple. Boston also offers walkability, great education, delicious seafood and bountiful historical sites to visit. However, like many top tech cities, cost of living can be quite high, the weather can get chilly, and it’s not the best city if you plan on driving as a primary means of transportation.
Seattle, Washington
Apple has just recently acquired the start-up company, The company specializes in low-power, edge-based artificial intelligence tools, and is just one of the many start-ups in Seattle that have a great deal of potential in the tech industry. Furthermore, the cost of living in Seattle is actually quite affordable, not to mention the city’s high average median household income. Looking at the chart above on unemployment rates, it can be noted that Seattle’s has one of the lowest. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, despite Seattle’s regularly rainy weather. Finally, if you love coffee, you’re going to love the city of Seattle.
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
The Dallas-Fort Worth region is another one of the largest in the nation. The same fact also stands true for the area’s job market. Some of the world’s largest companies have their headquarters in Dallas. Some popular tech companies in the region include Oculus or popular the digital banking platform Alkami. In addition to the great job opportunities, Dallas also has the benefits of lower taxes than many cities, good Southern food, pleasant and warm weather, and great public schools. However, public transportation is not as present in this city, therefore Dallas isn’t as walkable as some of the other options on this list. If you want a taste of Texas and the south, but still want to opt for a regular job rather than the uncomfortable life of a cowpoke, then Dallas is the city for you!
Washington, D.C.
There are many reasons why the city of Washington D.C. is an exceptional place to start a new life in an exciting location. In terms of its job market, the nation’s capital is popular among millennials, hosts a diverse and growing job market, and is one of the best places in the country to begin work in contracting (tech or otherwise). Washington D.C. also currently has more tech jobs opening than an influx of tech professionals! There could be no better time than the present to move to this city if you’re looking for work in A.I. Some cons to Washington D.C include a high cost of living and terrible traffic. Furthermore, if you don’t like political drama, this might not be the city for you; government and politics can play a major role in life here. However, this also comes with its benefits: If the private sector doesn’t appeal to you, come to D.C…There are plenty of government jobs available!
Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles can often be the target of criticism. It’s common to hear residents complain about its traffic, smog, unfriendly neighbors, and hot weather. However, there’s no denying that the second-largest city in the U.S. has a proportionately large job market. Silicon Beach, L.A.’s version of Silicon Valley, has over 500 tech startup companies. Major companies currently hiring tech professionals in the city include Sony Interactive Entertainment, Hulu, Sweetgreen, and Ticketmaster. Despite the complaints about the city, there’s no denying that Los Angeles has some of the best options for entertainment in the U.S. and some beautiful and iconic scenery as well. The 21st century has proven that you don’t just need to be an aspiring movie to star to move to Hollywood. 
Chicago, Illinois
Chicago is number eight on this list of most desirable cities to move to for those pursuing a career in A.I. The city has a notably large financial market but is currently attempting to keep up with the times by bringing more tech into the region. Not only will the financial market need programmers and other tech workers, but so will the increasing number of tech companies looking to expand their offices or bring headquarters to Chicago. These includes companies such as Uber, Facebook, or Grubhub. Yes, Chicago is incredibly windy, and crime is always something to keep an eye out for, but many residents would agree that great public transportation, unique architecture, and an exciting sports culture all more than make up for the downsides.
San Jose, California
The city of San Jose lies just south of San Francisco. It makes up a part of the Bay Area and is surrounded by the rolling hills of Silicon Valley. For many, the Silicon Valley could be considered a supreme utopia for those looking to work in the tech industry. As such, San Jose is a great place to move to for jobs in A.I. Just looking at the city skyline, it’s apparent that the job market is booming here. Developers are consistently building office space, sometimes so rapidly that residents believe it is leading to overdevelopment. San Jose is a great place to be a healthy working professional, the climate here is gorgeous, recreational areas are abundant, and its convenient location means you’re within a short distance to all the amenities located in San Francisco as well. However, no benefits come without their downsides… As a city in California, San Jose is, of course, quite expensive to live in. The overbuilding mentioned earlier could be considered a negative. Some also complain about a lack of a vibrant nightlife. If you want the close proximity to San Francisco but want to avoid some of the highest real estate in the nation, San Jose is a good option for you to explore.
Atlanta, Georgia
Last, but not necessarily least on our list is the southern city of Atlanta. Despite the city’s ranking on this list, some consider Atlanta to be the next great tech hub, so feel forced to take this as an indicator otherwise. The city has seen one of the largest increases in tech jobs out of any city in the entire city. Though Atlanta has a tech job market increasingly approaching that of Silicon Valley, this city can be much, much cheaper to live in. Atlanta has many options in terms of startup tech companies, and some larger corporations such as Microsoft also have employees here. Like every city, Atlanta has its cons. The warm (hot in the summer) weather could be a negative and urban sprawl is an issue. Despite the negatives, however, in addition to its booming economy and affordable cost of living, Atlanta has warm, southern weather, pleasant neighborhoods and a thriving festival culture. All these factors make Atlanta one of the top destinations for tech and A.I. professionals.
Whether you are looking for an internship or an established professional in the field, these top ten cities described are some of the best possible options when it comes to places to move for A.I. Specialists. All of these cities share a common factor, a thriving job market with many diverse industries hiring in the tech field. Companies progressively find themselves with the need to make use of big data. By doing so, they can effectively maximize profit and efficiency. A.I. is one of tools capable of setting this shift in motion, therefore, companies across the country are leaping to bring these professionals onto their team.


Clearly, if you want to work in A.I., your options are widespread when it comes to potential places to live. Whether you prefer the East or West coast, warm or cold weather, Southern BBQ, a New England lobster roll or just a good cup of coffee, for techies with a predilection for artificial intelligence, no geographical boundaries seem to stand in their way. Are you an A.I. Specialist and absolutely love where you live, but didn’t see your hometown on this list? Are you from Atlanta, and think that your city shouldn’t be ranked last? Feel free to share your top city or town for professionals working in A.I. Thanks for reading, stay safe and healthy!
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