This video explains the concept of C# Inheritance - what C# inheritance is, how we can relate it to natural inheritance, in which case of programming we should use inheritance, and what are the related concepts in C# inheritance. Understanding such use cases will help you in the implementation of inheritance wherever needed. I have also talked about how to identify IS A relationship to and when actually we should use inheritance between two classes.

I have taken multiple practical scenarios as examples for use-cases where you can utilize the power of inheritance. I have also included a discussion on how inheritance works in C#. What a base class is and what a derived class is. I have covered most of the related concepts so that the learning of inheritance becomes very easy and effective. In the end, I have also demoed code examples.

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Understanding C# Inheritance In A Better Way👍
Jul 27 2019

Kapil Gaur

In this video, we will see a practical explanation of C# Inheritance. We will understand what C# inheritance is and how we can relate it to natural inheritance. We will learn about related concepts like IS A relationship, base class, and derived class, etc.