Most of the organizations are using Office 365 applications and so using Power Platform too. Many of us are now familiar with Power platform and are using it extensively to automate business processes. Considering the high usage of Power Automate (cloud workflow engine) to automate hundreds of processes, we have to considers its limitations too. Otherwise we will be at the risk of FLOWs breaking down, slowing down etc.

So here we are, in this video tutorial we are going to look at what limitations have been set on usage of Power Automate.
  • Will you be able to use FLOWs which are running 50,000 times a day?
  • Does the limitations only count FLOW runs or also count the number of executions of actions used in FLOW?
  • How should we tackle FLOW runs limitations?

Understanding Power Automate FLOW runs/ Action Requests limits
Aug 15 2021

Sarvesh Shinde

In this video article we will be understanding how Microsoft have set the limitations on usage of FLOWs in Power Automate.