Update Information To Your Employees On SharePoint And Microsoft 365 Features

Hi folks! Have you ever wondered how Microsoft comes up with changes and updated features every day? Does this ever make you think about how to communicate with employees on updated features? As you know, Microsoft launches its feature more often than celebrities post their photos on Instagram. Alright never mind, I am joking of course!!! When all these changes/updates happen this article is about getting  your employees up to date for the changes in SharePoint, Yammer, Teams & other Microsoft features. So here we will see different options to communicate with employees on updated features.

Option 1 - Microsoft Teams

It is Microsoft teams which comes to mind when we think to communicate with each other inside an organization. Teams provide a way to communicate with each other by chat, scheduling a meeting call and posting images/news, etc. You can create channels in teams or you can create multiple channels as per different departments and post the updates to each of the teams channels. Create dedicated teams’ channel and post important messages in multiple channels. Click on post in multiple channel option as shown in the below screenshot.

Update Information to your Company Employees on SharePoint and Microsoft 365 feature

Once you click on the “Post in multiple channels” option, you will get an option on the right as “Select Channel”. Click on it and it will open a pop-up window where you can select a wide range of channels if you want to share the same message to multiple channels at the same time.

Update Information to your Company Employees on SharePoint and Microsoft 365 feature

Option 2 - Yammer

Yammer is mostly used where the organization has a high number of employees. Mostly I saw in my company they used Yammer for announcing company updates, company events, and lots more. We can use Yammer to share updated Microsoft features across different teams and employees.

Update Information to your Company Employees on SharePoint and Microsoft 365 feature

Option 3 - News Webpart

News webpart helps to announce company related news, status updates and helps to engage the audience and inform them about latest updates and news. Currently, Microsoft has released an interesting feature where you can boost up your news to make it more readable & visible.

Option 4 - Viva Connections

Viva Connections helps to engage with news and conversations. It provides desktop experience in teams. If you created an intranet and want to make it live on teams then you can make it possible through Viva Connections. Viva Connections helps to provide updated information to employees through teams. Refer to the below screenshot where you can bring your intranet to different teams across organizations.

Option 5 - Viva Topics

Viva topics is an app which works with Microsoft teams. Now the question is, how does this work? Viva topics make use of AI Technology and gather the information/content across the organization and convert this content into useful knowledge. So basically, it builds a page for the content used across the organization and provides useful information to employees. It provides topic cards to be used by the employees which they use every day.

Option 6 - Arranging Informal Meetings

We can arrange informal meetings across the teams to share & learn things. This helps other employees in organization to stay updated and helps them to enhance their career growth at the same time.

So above are the few options where we can focus on user engagement.

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