Upload A File To SharePoint From PowerApps Using Flow

In this article, we are going to see how to upload a file to SharePoint from PowerApps.

In this article, we are going to see how to upload a file to SharePoint from PowerApps. Refer to my previous article for creating a PowerApps application:

Step 1

Create one new screen -> click Home -> select New Screen -> Screen Name(Screen -2)


Step 2

Create one new label -> click Insert and select label

Step 3

Selected label shown in the below form. Label text name is changed under property control.

Step 4

Click Insert -> select Text Input -> Select Textbox for get file name from user.

Step 5

We can set Textbox default value, I am leaving the default value as empty.

Step 6

Repeat steps 2 to 5 for placing the file content label and file content text box

Step 7

Click Insert -> choose Button

The button is placed in the form


Step 8

Change the button Name -> Properties -> Text

Step 9

In SharePoint create one document library


Step 10

Flow template created for uploading file to SharePoint from PowerApps

Step 11

The flow connects to SharePoint, and click to continue

Step 12

Choose site collection

Step 13

Choose document library from site collection

Step 14

Click edit for integrating with PowerApps

After Edit, full details such as file name and content comes from PowerApps and gives flow name-> click save

Flow Name: My Flow uploads a file to SharePoint from PowerApps

Step 15

Integrate flow with PowerApps. There are two ways.

  • First Way
    Comes to PowerApps Application Select Button -> Click Advanced -> on select event write below formula(code)


  • Second Way
    Added flow to power apps button by clicking the flow

Flow Added Successfully


Formula bar

Parameters for flow MyFlowUploadafiletoSharePointfromPowerApps is (CreateFile_FileName, CreateFile_FileContent).

  • CreateFile_FileName - TextInput2_1.Text
  • CreateFile_FileContent - TextInput3.Text

Step 16

Run this app. Refer to my article (Introduction to PowerApps and Creating Template with it) Step 8 to run.


Fill in the name and content. Click button to upload in the document library.


Step 17

View the uploaded document


Step 18


Open the document to see the file contents.

File Path:   ____________ev/PowerApFlowUpload/Test123.txt

In my next article, we will see how to create blank PowerApps with Excel as a data source.