Uploading Ionic App On Ionic View In Ionic Pro

Some of the ionic commands are deprecated in the newer version of Ionic, which is called "Ionic Pro".

One of them is “Ionic Upload” that was used to upload the Ionic app in Ionic view for testing purposes.


Ionic Pro is going to use Git for uploading the app in Ionic View. But, for that, we should have Git installed.

You can download Git from the following link. After successful download, open and install it. After installation, you can check if the Git is installed or not.

Open the command prompt. Run the following command

Git –version

If you did not get the version of Git but any error, then go to the properties of My Computer => Environment Variables=> System Variables and then click on the Path variable, append the following string, and click Save.

C:\Program Files\Git\bin

Now, close the command prompt and restart. Then, run the git –version command again. Now, it will work.

Uploading the app

First of all, create your account at the following URL.


After creating the account, log in to your dashboard. After login, you will see the following screen.


In your case, it will be blank as you don’t link any app yet. Now, click on "New App", give it a name, and create the app.

The following screen will appear.


As you can see, this screen has instructions for linking the app. Follow the instruction for a new or an existing app.

After running the command "git push ionic master," again, come to the dashboard and click on the app. You will see the following screen.


Click on the link. It will show you some build process.

Click on the Channel tab. Here, you will have two channels named master and production.  Click on the master channel, go to Settings, and make it public.


Again, click on the Build tab and then click "Deploy".


Now, install the Ionic View app on your phone and log in with your account. This app will appear there. You can share this app as well by clicking on the "Share" button.

Now, if you make some changes like add or remove any file, then you have to commit the changes as well.

Run the following set of commands.


  • git add -p
  • git commit -m
  • git push ionic master


And then, deploy again.

After that, the changes will appear in your app in Ionic View.

This is the simple process of adding any Ionic app in Ionic View and in your Ionic Pro account.