Use and Manage Microsoft Viva Engage


Yammer was rebranded to Viva Engage and will now be part of the Microsoft Viva employee experience platform. So Yammer is now called Viva Engage as it rebranded.

Viva Engage is an internal social networking platform offered by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Viva suite of employee experience tools. It is designed to help organizations improve employee engagement by fostering communication, collaboration, and a sense of community among employees.

Here are some key features of Viva Engage

  • Communities: Employees can create and join communities based on shared interests, projects, or departments.
  • Conversations: Employees can have discussions with colleagues, share ideas, and ask questions.
  • Content sharing: Employees can share documents, images, videos, and other content.
  • Polls and events: Organizations can use Viva Engage to create polls and organize virtual events.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams: Viva Engage is integrated with Microsoft Teams, so users can access it directly from within the Teams app.

Viva Engage has several types of admin roles

  • Engage admin: have the most permissions and are responsible for significant decisions about how to use Viva Engage in your company. They manage security-related tasks and configure and customize Viva Engage.
  • Answers admin: manage articles and configure Answers in Viva Engage.
  • Corporate communicator: a role catered towards content management. They create and manage campaigns and identify leaders within your company.
  • Group admin: configure and customize their groups and manage day-to-day operations for them.

As Administrators, we can manage and implement all the settings of Viva Engage for Organization requirements.

Benefits of Viva Engage

  • Improved communication and collaboration: Viva Engage facilitates communication and collaboration across teams and departments, breaking down silos and fostering a more connected workforce.
  • Knowledge sharing and learning: Employees can share their knowledge and expertise with others through communities and discussions, fostering a culture of learning and continuous improvement.
  • Employee engagement and belonging: Viva Engage helps employees feel connected to their organization and colleagues, leading to increased engagement and a stronger sense of belonging.
  • Leadership communication: Leaders can use Viva Engage to communicate with employees directly, share company news and updates, and answer questions.

Comparison to Viva Connections

Viva Engage is often compared to another tool within the Viva suite, Viva Connections. While both are designed to improve the employee experience, they serve different purposes:

  • Viva Connections: acts as the gateway to the Viva experience, providing employees with a central location to access organizational news, tasks, and resources.
  • Viva Engage: is the social layer, allowing employees to connect with colleagues, participate in discussions, and build communities.

Configure Viva Engage to an Organization via the Viva Engage Admin Center

There’s an Admin Center for Viva Engage and we can manage all the settings for the organization when implementing Viva Engage (formally known as Yammer)

Admins can access the Viva Engage Admin Center through the Microsoft 365 Admin Center or Teams App.

  • Microsoft Teams
    First Add Viva Engage to Teams.
    Microsoft Teams
     Viva Engage
    To go to the Viva Engage admin center in Teams, select the ellipses button from the top navigation menu of Viva Engage. Here’s the look of the Admin Center.
     Engage admin center
    Admin center
  • Microsoft 365 Admin Center
    When you are accessing through Microsoft 365 Admin Center below interface appears for Viva Engage Admin Center.
    Microsoft 365 Admin Center
    Below are a few examples.
  • Security Settings
    Security Settings
    You can add Keywords to monitor.
    Monitor keywords

Note. You can easily add your Viva Engage Community to your SharePoint to Collaborate more efficiently.

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