Use JSON Formatting To Create Button And Trigger Power Automate Flow


This article is part two. Here we will see how to create a button inside the SharePoint list for trigger power automate flow. 

In the first article I created a flow that we will use in this article. You can create a button using json formatter in SharePoint modern list. 

Steps to create button for trigger flow from list

Step 1

Create or open your existing List. 

Step 2

Open List settings. 

Step 3

Click on Create column.

Step 4

Enter Column name.

Step 5

Selected Single Line of text

Step 6

Then go to the Column Formatting. 

Step 6

Copy Paste the  Below code inside your Column Formatting text box.

    "$schema": "",
    "elmType": "button",
    "customRowAction": {
        "action": "executeFlow",
        "actionParams": "{\"id\": \"edf82b44-6bbd-483f-87a1-26fdc3264a34\"}"
    "attributes": {
        "class": "ms-fontColor-themePrimary ms-fontColor-themeDarker--hover"
    "style": {
        "border": "none",
        "background-color": "transparent",
        "cursor": "pointer"
    "children": [{
        "elmType": "span",
        "attributes": {
            "iconName": "Mail"
        "style": {
            "padding-right": "16px"

Step 6

Replace id of ActionParms with your flow id which we copied in the first article.

Step 7

Save your column.

Step 8

Open your list now you will see new column and inside that icons. Click on icon.

Step 9

Once you click on icon, you will get the right side panel, from that select Run Flow button.

Use Json Formatting to create button and trigger Power Automate Flow

Step 10

Once your flow is run you're able to see your flow from run page.



This is how we can create a button inside the SharePoint list for trigger flow. In part one we have seen how to create flow for selected items and in this article we see how to create button inside the list for triggering flow.

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