Creating Survey Using Microsoft Form Web Part In Modern Communication Site

When you add new pages to the modern sites, you add and customize the default web parts. Here is the list of default web parts available when you add a page to a modern website.
  • Bing maps
  • Divider
  • Document library
  • Embed
  • Events
  • File Viewer
  • Group calendar
  • Hero
  • Highlighted content
  • Image
  • Image gallery
  • Link
  • List
Microsoft Forms
  • News
  • Office 365 video
  • People
  • Power BI report
  • Quick chart
  • Quick links
  • Site activity
  • Spacer
  • Stream
  • Text
  • Yammer feed
Please refer  tothe MSDN link Using web parts on SharePoint Online pages

Now, we will see how to create a survey on the Modern page using Microsoft Forms Web part.

Step 1

Login to the Sharepoint Online Modern Communication Site.

Step 2

Click on the New >> Page.
Step 3

Enter the page name, click on the +  icon, and select the Microsoft Form WebPart.

Step 4

Click on the New Form button in the Web Part Form, enter the form name, and then click on the "Create" button.

Step 5

This will open the Form in the new window with an editor.

Step 6

Click on the "Add Question" button and then click on the Question Type.

Step 7

Enter the question and answers option details as many as you can.

Step 8

Click on the ECB menu on the right-hand topmost corner and then select Settings.

Step 9

Select the Settings as per your requirement.

Step 10

Click on the Share button and copy the Form URL.


Step 11

Now, come back to the Web part page and copy the Form URL in Form Web Address and select "Collect Responses" option and click OK.

Step 12

Save and close the page.

Step 13

Create another page as above and select the Survey Responses option to display survey results.


Step 14

Submit some sample responses to the survey and the Responses are shown as below on the Responses page.


Thus, we saw how to create the Surveys in Modern pages using the Microsoft Forms web part.