Using Client Side Response Routing In Voice Of The Customer


We need to show/hide survey questions based on the selection in the previous question. In this article, we are going to share steps to implement the same.


While working on a survey, we want to make it responsive as much as possible based on the question inputs. Let's say, we are creating a survey for a training program and we want to implement the following logic in our survey.


The above logic can be implemented using response routing rules in "Voice of the Customer". We can get this using following steps:

If you are new to Voice of the Customer, please refer my earlier article Getting started with Voice of the Customer.

  1. Create a survey by navigating to Voice of the Customer >> New >> Survey.
  2. Enter the basic details about your survey.
  3. Let’s use two single response questions and change their label like following.


  4. Click on the Edit button for the second question and make sure to set visibility as “Do Not Display” under Layout option.

    Now, our questions are ready. So, let’s setup client-side response routing.

  5. Click on the drop-down next to your survey name and select "Response Routings".

  6. Click on "Add New Response Routing", enter the name, and hit "Save" button.

  7. Click on "+" sign under Condition subgrid to add a new Response Condition Record.

  8. Provide a name for condition and fill the details under check, like the following. Hit "Save and close".

  9. Now, click on + sign under Action subgrid to add Response Action record.

  10. Fill in the Client under scope drop-down and fill in the following details under Client.

  11. Click on the + sign under subgrid to add response record for "else" part to hide the question in case CRM selection is removed. Fill in the name and use following options under client.

Now, click on Preview command button on the survey form. We should be able to see our question while CRM is selected.

And, when any other training is selected, the CRM training question will be hidden like below.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dynamics 365/CRM !!