Using Emotion API In Android Apps - Part One


Android is one of the most popular operating systems for mobile. Emotion API is used to identify how a face expresses in a particular photo. In this article, I will show you how to use Emotion API in Android application using Android Studio.


  • Android Studio
  • Little knowledge of XML and Java.
  • Android Emulator (or) Android mobile
  • Stable internet connection during execution
  • Download link (Android Studio)

Steps to be followed

Carefully follow these steps to use Emotion API in Android application using Android Studio.

Step 1

Open the Android Studio and start a new project.


Step 2

Put the application name and company domain. If you wish to use C++ for coding the project, mark the "Include C++ support" checkbox and click Next.


Step 3

Select the Android minimum SDK. After you chose the minimum SDK, it will show the approximate percentage of people who use that SDK. Then, click Next.


Step 4

Choose "Basic Activity", then click Next.


Step 5

Put the activity name and layout name. Android Studio basically takes java class name similar to what you provided as the activity name. Finally, click Finish.


Step 6

Go to the below link, choose Emotion API, and click "Create".



Step 7

Choose your region and agree to the agreement. Then, click Next.


Step 8

Sign-in to create your API through Outlook, LinkedIn, GitHub, or Facebook account.


Step 9

Created are your API key and endpoint. Copy your API keys and endpoint.


Step 10

Paste the copied API key into the strings.xml file.



Here, we have successfully used Emotion API in Android application. 

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