Vertical Calendar Control

The VerticalCalendar control represents an alternative for standard MonthCalendar control and may be used wherever MonthCalendar control is used.

The VerticalCalendar's methods and properties are compatible with the MonthCalendar's ones.

The main differences from MonthCalendar control are:

  • Vertical weeks arrangement;
  • Tooltips for special dates;
  • Ability to color week-end days;
  • Enhanced selection range (works even beyond the visible part of the control, unlike MonthCalendar control);
  • More customizable interface.

The control may be used as common controls of VisualStudio.NET (see "Installation" section in help file) or as a standalone DLL (see MS .NET Framework help).

This .zip contains 5 files:

  1. readme.txt - this readme file.
  2. VerticalCalendar.dll - .NET dll with VerticalCalendar control.
  3. VerticalCalendar.xml - XML comments from VerticalCalendar source code.
  4. VerticalCalendar.chm - help file with the description for VerticalCalendar control.
  5. VerticalCalendarTestingApp.exe - application for testing VerticalCalendar (requires
    VerticalCalendar.dll in the same folder)