Visual Studio Code Version 1.65 Released

Microsoft released visual studio code v.1.63 on Feb-2022.

This version update comes with some useful new features and functionality, including a new theme, audio cues, and editor history navigation, along with a preview of terminal shell integration.

Following are descriptions of some of the notable new features and links for more information,

New editor history navigation

Scope to Go Back/ Go Forward history to editor group or single editor. The editor history navigation feature in VS code drives some popular commands, such as Go Back and Go Forward. Numerous feature requests accumulated over time to improve this feature and also add more capabilities.

Visual studio code v.1.65 Released

Light High Contrast theme

A new light high contrast theme has been added to improve legibility and readability of the editor.

Visual studio code v.1.65 Released

New audio cues

Audio cues have been added with this release, including audio cues for warnings, inline suggestions, and debugger breakpoint hits.

Visual studio code v.1.65 Released

Drag and Drop problems and search results

We can now drag and drop a problem, search, or reference result into the editor, opening the file and revealing the result position. This can be useful if we want to start a new editor group or drop a result into an existing editor group.

Visual studio code v.1.65 Released

Source control diff editor management

This new feature helps us with managing the diff editor’s tabs. There is a new command Git: “git.closeDiffonOperation” Close ALL Diff Editors in the command palette that can be used to close all open diff editors when changes are stashed, committed, discarded, staged, or unstaged.

Debugger lazy variable evaluation

Accessing the value of a variable may have side effects or be expensive. VS Code’s generic debugger can now show a button for the user to fetch the variable value on demand. This is available for debugging extensions that support the new lazy variable feature. Currently, this version update has only been implemented by the built-in javascript debugger for property getters, but we expect that other debugger extensions will follow soon.

VS Code for the Web

This feature enables reopening the recent local files and folders when we access the or with a browser that supports the web file system access API and improves the git integration.

Reference: VS-Code February 2022 (version 1.65 ) Update

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