Visual Studio .NET: Start up

The next version of Visual Studio 6.0 is Visual Studio .NET (VS.NET). In the previous versions of Visual Studio, Microsoft has different menu options to pick development environment such as VC++, Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic or Visual Interdev. This version of Visual Studio has integrated everything in one IDE. The reason for that might be all development languages share common library and tools.

When you start a new project, you get options to pick what language you want to work with. I will discuss later in this chapter in more details.

The Start Page

The VS.NET IDE loads default.htm html file on startup which looks like img1.jpg. The Start page provides you an option to pick your recent projects. You uncheck the check box Show the start page on next startup if you don't want this page to see when you start your VS.NET.

The one change you see in VS.NET IDE is it has a Web Browser integrated in it. This browser displays default.htm at startup. It has other options including What's New, Online Community, Headlines, Search Online, and My Profile. Besides all these options, this browser also used to view MSDN help.

What's New

What's new let you browse MSDN about What's new in Visual Studio and its components.

Online Community

This option lists you the links for Microsoft's VS and newsgroup related sites.


The headlines option brings you the latest news from MSDN Online.

The next option Search Online brings a search window to search online. And the last option My Profile shows you your profile.

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