Visualforce Pages In SalesForce

About Salesforce:
Salesforce is a cloud based, online solution, for customer relationship management, or CRM.  Salesforce provides all of our departments like marketing, sales, commerce, and service with a shared view of our customers, with a single integrated CRM platform.
Visualforce is a framework that allows developers to build sophisticated, custom user interfaces, that can be hosted natively on the Lightning platform.  The Visualforce framework includes a tag-based markup language, similar to HTML, and a set of server-side “standard controllers” that make basic database operations, such as queries and saves, very simple to perform – Salesforce.
Visualforce Page- Developers can use Visualforce to create a Visualforce page definition.  A page definition consists of two primary elements: Visualforce markup and Visualforce controller.
Visualforce pages In SalesForce
Reading this article, you can learn and test the simple Visualforce Page in SalesForce.
The prerequisites for testing Visualforce Page in SalesForce are:
Register a Salesforce Free Trail account using the following link.
Step 1
Log in to your Salesforce Account and Click the Developer Console
Visualforce pages In SalesForce
Step 2
Now, we can create new Visualforce Page, MyFirstVFpage, and the file named as MyFirstVFpage.vfp,
Visualforce pages In SalesForce
Visualforce pages In SalesForce
The default Autogenerated code in MyFirstVFpage is,
Visualforce pages In SalesForce
After creating Visualforce Page MyFirstVFpage add the following tags for testing,
  1. <h1>Hello to C# Corner</h1>  
  2. <p> Welcome to C# Corner!... Visualforce page!...</p>  
Finally, the MyFirstVFpage.vfp code is,
  1. <apex:page>  
  2.    <h1>Hello to C# Corner</h1>  
  3.    <p> Welcome to C# Corner!... Visualforce page!...</p>  
  4. </apex:page>  
Step 3
For Debugging the Visualforce Page MyFirstVFpage, click the Preview button.
Visualforce pages In SalesForce
Step 4
Now, we can verify the output, and after clicking Preview, a New web page will open,
Visualforce pages In SalesForce


Now, you have successfully tested the Visualforce Page, in a SalesForce environment.