Web API Versioning

What Is API Versioning?

API versioning is the process of iterating different versions of your API.

Why Is API Versioning Required?

API versioning is required because it ensures stability and reliability. If you don’t properly version APIs, this can produce adverse effects on products and services.

As developers, we often add new features to our apps and modify current APIs, as well. Versioning enables us to safely add new functionality without breaking changes.

There are four common ways to version a REST API.

1. Versioning through URI

The most commonly used versioning is in which we can add a version to the API base URL.



2. Query String

Another option for versioning a REST API is to include the version number as a query parameter.

This is a straightforward way to version an API from an implementation point of view.



3. Custom headers

Define a new header that contains the version number in the request as part of the request header itself.


GET https://api-demo.example.com/api/employee

Accept-Version: 3

4. Media Type

This approach allows us to version a single resource representation instead of versioning the entire API, which gives us more granular control over versioning.


GET https://api-demo.example.com/api/employee

Accept: application/json;api-version=3

Apply Versioning at Existing Web API Project

Step 1

Install Nuget Package for Versioning.

Install the “Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Versioning” package.

Step 2

To configure the API versioning properties of our project. add the below code in program.cs.

//Add Api Versioning 
builder.Services.AddApiVersioning(options => {
    // Returns all version with depricated versions
    options.ReportApiVersions = true;
    options.AssumeDefaultVersionWhenUnspecified = true;
    options.DefaultApiVersion = new ApiVersion(1, 0);
    options.ApiVersionReader = ApiVersionReader.Combine(
        //Query Strying type
        new QueryStringApiVersionReader("api-version"),
        //Request Heardes Type
        new HeaderApiVersionReader("Accept-Version"),
        //Media Type
        new MediaTypeApiVersionReader("api-version"));

Step 3

Applying Versioning to the controllers.

Apply versioning to the controller.

Now run project.

Version 1

Version 2



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