What Are Scrum Values and How Do They Help Create a Self-Organized Scrum Team🎎🎎

Focus, Courage, Respect, Openness, and Commitment are the 5 Scrum Values, added to the Scrum Guide in 2016.
If your team is cross-functional and self-organized, that means they understand the benefits of scrum values very well. To really be successful in scrum, you need to display 5 values. These values help our team work together and become more creative and productive.
Let's dig into the details.


This is about the work and the challenges to complete the work. Openness is about listening to the best ideas from everyone. We need anyone to be able to raise an impediment or issue promptly. Anyone from the team can put suggestions or ideas on the product backlog. Openness makes work visible to all, all meetings are open in a scrum. Transparency of our results, problems, strengths, development needs helps us create a culture of openness.


Team members must have the courage, to tell the truth, speak truth to PO and management, it's not easy to tell management that what you are doing is wrong and insist it will fix it needs Courage.
Studies say that people don't have the courage if they constantly criticize or put down.
The research shows that 70% of every appraisal is not about the person, its about the manager and what he thinks about that person.
Scrum encourages team members to propose new ideas with the team, PO, and Management, raise an Impediment promptly.
As we work together and feel supported, we are courageous to be open and challenge ourselves to go beyond our capabilities.
"Anyone who doesn't have a problem is the biggest problem of all!"


Respect for people is essential and one of the key-value in a scrum. 80% of the problems in any organization are system problems, not an individual problem.
Team members know best what the problem is and how we can fix it. If anything breaks people stating blame on another person. and the only way we can fix the people so they work is relly through education.
We need to train people to self-correct and as we work together, sharing success and failure, we respect each other, our agreements and commitments. As we work together, sharing success and failure, we respect each other, our agreements and commitments.


As we can only focus on a few things at a time, if we work well together and produce excellent work, we deliver value sooner.
Openness comes from courage and respect, an agreement that what should we do and how should we get that that enables the team to focus and studies show that the average team is not a team that is actually people running in a different direction. The goal is to put the ball in goal post, then everybody goes in the right direction. If we can get everybody aligned we get twice the work completed in half the time. By simply focusing, things can become much easier.


Once we have that focus it is much easier for a team to commit and commitment is the essence of a scrum.
As we have greater control over what we do and how we do, we become more committed to success.

How do Scrum Values help to create a self-organized scrum team?

  • When teams adopt the values they will find that its lot easier to meet the deadlines.
  • Collaboration makes things easy.
  • They also find that they can take care of the bugs and impediments easily.
  • The stakeholders and users are a lot happier, which makes everyone feel comfortable.
  • Most important, when the agile team is more effective and productive, the member's lives are better, they have work and family life balanced.


Scrum values are as simple as you can start in your daily office works with the team and it will help you to deal with many problems. Scrum magic happens when people are more committed to their goals. Knowledge doubles if you share it, so please share if you like this article.