What are Workflows?


Workflows are step-by-step processes for achieving specific goals.

Examples of developer workflows include.

  1. Planning
  2. Coding
  3. Testing
  4. Reviewing
  5. Deploying

Another common example that I find relevant is the Leave Management System. Could you recall the process in your company? That is workflow.

Introduction to Workflow Engine

  • Creating workflows in .NET manually, involving database design and UI development, can be time-consuming.
  • However, I'd like to introduce you to an excellent platform to streamline this process.
  • Optimajet Workflow Engine is a perfect one-stop solution if you are dealing with business entities' life cycle management in a project.
  • Effortlessly design and manage workflows using an embedded drag-and-drop designer. The simple API allows business users to modify schemes independently.

Benefits of Workflow Engine

The following are the benefits of a workflow engine.

  1. Customizable: Customize and make changes without any assistance.
  2. Requires no special training: Any developer can write a Proof of Concept. Visual Designer can be implemented on a webpage — making it easy to use for non-technical users.
  3. Professional customer support: Over the past year, we have implemented 95% of customers’ requests for new functionality.
  4. Diverse Support of Multiple Databases: Workflow Engine supports SQL and NoSQL databases.

You can also choose providers for MS SQL Server, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Cosmos DB, and Redis.

All Amazing Features at One Stop

  • Use HTML5 visual designer for web-based workflow design and visualization.
  • Employ business-oriented elements like Activity, Transition, Action, Actor, Command, and Timer.
  • Easily update process schemes, choosing between the old or a new scheme for running processes.
  • Benefit from parallel workflow support by splitting tasks into concurrent branches.
  • Export workflows in XML format for sharing and reuse.
  • Ensure a global reach with localization support, translating the user interface into various languages.

Stateless Efficiency

  • It is a stateless engine: it stores the states of processes in persistent storage and automatically saves and loads processes.
  • This allows you to execute many long-running processes, perform horizontal scaling, and make processes fail-safe.

Available in Angular and React

  • Not only this, but you can integrate it with Angular and React as well. Get your Angular and React samples on give links.

How to Integrate Workflow Engine in .NET?

To preview how your embedded final solution before diving into the integration process, take a look at Workflow Engine Designer Demo

Discover the awesome benefits of this tool in a quick showcase.

Learn how to set it up effortlessly with this easy-to-follow video guide.

Watch Workflow demo

Download your code samples here for .NET