What Is Merged Reality

If you’re a frequent visitor of C# Corner, I am sure, you’ve heard of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

In a virtual reality setup, a user is totally unknown to the real world and puts a headset that displays a virtual world only. For example, playing a VR game lives entirely in a virtual world.

In augmented reality world, virtual objects are placed on top of the real world as a layer. Car's head-up display is a perfect example of augmented reality where a map object is layered on top of the road (real world).

Mixed reality is a kind of augmented reality where objects from both, virtual and real worlds are merged and interact. Imagine, you’re playing a basketball game, you could pick a ball from your room and bring into the game.

Well, now there is one more non-real reality merged reality. Merged reality is a term coined by Intel when Intel announced its project Alloy that takes VR/AR technology to its new heights.

Here is a CNET video recorded from the announcement.