What Is New In Microsoft Cognitive Services

AI was the key focus of Microsoft at the #MSBuild event last week. Microsoft wants to bring AI to every developer and announced new opportunities for AI developers by introducing some new features to its Cognitive Services API.

Microsoft Cognitive Services allows the developers to implement powerful artificial intelligence algorithms in their apps, using just a few lines of code. Cognitive Services APIs include vision, face recognition, emotion, video, speech and more. If you’re new to Microsoft Cognitive Services, check out Quick glance at Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Here is a list of some new preview APIs added to Cognitive Services suite. 


Vision API provides image processing algorithms related to vision, face recognition and emotions. Vision APIs include

  • Computer Vision API
  • Emotion API PREVIEW
  • Video Indexer PREVIEW
  • Face API
  • Content Moderator
  • Custom Vision Service PREVIEW


Speech API allows the developers to implement speech processing in their apps. Speech APIs consist of the following.

  • Custom Speech Service PREVIEW
  • Bing Speech API
  • Speaker Recognition API PREVIEW
  • Translator Speech API


Language API allows the developers to implement natural language and sentiments processing in their apps. Language APIs consist of the following.

  • Language Understanding Intelligent Service PREVIEW
  • Bing Spell Check API
  • Web Language Model API PREVIEW
  • Text Analytics API PREVIEW
  • Translator Text API
  • Linguistic Analysis API PREVIEW


Knowledge API provides the functionality related to the recommendations and semantic searches. Knowledge APIs consist of the following.

  • Recommendations API PREVIEW
  • Academic Knowledge API
  • Knowledge Exploration Service PREVIEW
  • Entity Linking Intelligence Service API PREVIEW
  • Custom Decision Service PREVIEW


Search API allows the developers to implement Bing Search APIs to build smart and more engaging apps. Search APIs consist of  the following

  • Bing Autosuggest API
  • Bing Video Search API
  • Bing Image Search API
  • Bing Web Search API
  • Bing News Search API
  • Bing Custom Search
Watch this video to learn more. 

Get Started

Here are some good resources to get started with Cognitive Services.

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