What Is New In WatchOS 3

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016, watchOS 3 was announced as the latest version of the Apple Watch wearable device operating system. According to Vice President of technology, Kevin Lynch, the new OS has come with some great enhancements.

Apple watchOS 3

Image 1: Apple watchOS 3 announced by Kevin Lynch at WWDC 2016
Image Credit: Apple

The watchOS is now seven times faster than watchOS 2, so that the apps load instantly and are easier to access. A range of new watch faces has been introduced. Also, you can share your daily activities with your friends. A breathe app was revealed, that would help you to take a break for yourself daily.

Here’s what new in watchOS 3:

Access apps faster now

Now, your apps will be available immediately when you need them. Easily reach your app by clicking the side button for an all-new dock.

Swiping from the bottom of the watch face launches the Control Center for the setting most used by you previously. So, performance and navigation both have been enhanced.

Swiping the bottom of the watch face for navigation
Image 2: Swiping the bottom of the watch face for navigation 
Image Credit: Apple

New Watch Faces and it's easy to switch them

Customize newly introduced watch faces with an even better selection of useful apps and also now you have more options to choose from with the newly introduced faces. Switch faces easily, so you have what you want according to your daily activities.

Apple has also come up with a Minnie Mouse watchface in order to complement the fan-favorite Mickey Mouse design which accompanied the original Apple Watch.

Activity sharing

A new feature, Activity Sharing, has been introduced so that you can share your Activity rings with friends for motivation and you can also show your competitive spirit. You have to close the entire three, and the one who does that first, wins. It can also be used by your trainer to look at your daily progress. Isn’t it great? You can even send your own racing heartbeat with Digital Touch.

Activity Sharing
Image 3: Activity Sharing 
Image Credit: Apple

Activity app enhanced for wheelchair users

Fitness for all,and keeping that in mind, Apple has upgraded the Activity app for wheelchair users. Specific workouts for them and new “Time to Roll” notifications have been introduced.

Workout and get more details

With the new improvements, you can now see up to five workout metrics:  distance, pace, active calories, heart rate, and elapsed time - all at once.

Five workout metrics
Image 4: Five workout metrics can now be seen with the new OS enhancement
Image Credit: Apple

Unlocks your Mac

Your Mac senses when you’re nearby with Apple Watch. This sending will automatically log you in your Mac by unlocking it.

Enhanced messaging experience

The messaging experience has been enhanced. Reply with your own handwriting or scribble letters on the display and then Apple Watch will turn it into text. Large emoji, sketches, and now you can send and respond to your messages faster.

Enhanced messaging
Image 5: The messaging experience has been improved 
Image Credit: Apple

Apple Pay

Apple Watch now supports Apple Pay within apps. From the Apple Watch, users can securely pay within the watchOS app using Apple Pay.

Breathe app

A new app which has been named Breathewas announced, which will remind the users to take time out of their busy day to breathe. This app also features various breathing and relaxation exercises.

Call for help

In case of emergency press and hold the side button and SOS initiates a call with local emergency services. SOS also has a feature to send a message to quickly alert your emergency contacts.

Emergency call
Image 6: Press and hold the side button in case of emergency
Image Credit: Apple

Control Homekit – enabled devices

Apple Watch can be used with the new Home app to control all your HomeKit-enabled devices, for example, you can see who’s at the front door on your watch.

Apple watchOS 3 is available as a developer beta now and it will be available to all Apple Watch users via a free software update this fall.