What Is New In Windows 10 Creators Update


Microsoft introduced a new edition of Windows 10 this spring, that’s called the Creators Update. This gives you new innovations and gaming encounters, for the people who use it most. Microsoft said that the Anniversary Update is meant to allow everyone to become a Windows Insider with a specific order to test the Creator's Update to Windows 10, to see some new features like better trackpad gesture control and the blue light reduction control feature.
This feature may work similarly to the F.lux software. It makes the color of your system display adjust to the time of day: warm at night, warm around evening time, and like daylight for the duration of the day.

Creating made easy

In Windows 10, Microsoft allows you to create amazing 3D objects quickly and easily. You can make your own 3D objects in Microsoft Paint 3D.

Windows Store

In Windows 10, Microsoft gives you the option of selling the themes in the Windows Store.

Best platform for 4k gaming

Windows 10 is the best platform for gaming including 4K Ultra HD gaming. This upcoming update continues the trend, adding several new technology features, and options that gamers can look forward to.
Some of these features and options are-
  • Audio improvements
  • Built-in game broadcasting
  • Custom tournaments

Groove Music Maker

Microsoft introduced a new music creation tool called Groove Music Maker. It seems to be a generally easy-to-utilize media creation tool that should allow you to create tracks without the need to purchase any new programming.

Pen functionality in Word

In Microsoft Windows 10, with the help of Pen, text content can be deleted in the Word file.


In Windows 10, Microsoft announced a new collection feature in Maps and updates Interface.

Edge Tab Browser

In Microsoft Windows 10, Edge has new tab browser feature that makes it simpler to navigate tabs with the page-preview.

The People bar

In Microsoft Windows 10, the People bar is the faster way to connect and share with the people and contact with them. You can immediately access the People from the taskbar and you can also use apps, file sharing, send smileys, and drag-and-drop option.

Settings Updates

In Microsoft Windows 10, a new video area, help section, and related links will be available in the Settings apps.

Action Center

In the Creators Update of Windows 10, Microsoft has some changes to its Action Center but the big changes in Action Center are both screen brightness and volume sliders.

Accent Color

Microsoft Windows 10 offers various custom accent colors. At this moment, Microsoft will give a picker with an advanced option and the capacity to see what is your insane color.

Windows Defender

In Creators Update of Windows 10, Microsoft is exchanging up the UI of Windows Defender to match the rest of Windows 10. You can see the new display, as shown in the below diagram.
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