What Is Pie Charts in Power BI Report


Pie charts are popular in reports because of their visual impact. However, pie charts are a very simplified chart type that may not best represent your data. Consider using a pie chart only after the data has been aggregated to seven data points or less. Pie charts display each data group as a separate slice on the chart.

Steps to Create a Pie Chart

Step 1. Install Power BI Desktop.

Step 2. Launch Power BI.

Step 3. Connect the data source.

Step 4. Select the Pie chart in the Visualization.


Step 5. You can see the Pie chart in the Power BI.

Add data

Step 6. You have to add the relevant data in the Values and Details.


Step 7. Once you added the necessary data point to the Legends, Values, tooltips, etc., you can see the below-generated Pie chart

Generated Pie Chart


This article has given you a good insight into the incredible visualization features available in Power BI. Power BI Pie charts offer much more than standard Pie charts. Collect smaller data slices into one slice on the pie chart. This is useful in situations where, for example, you want the pie chart to have an "Other" data point that simply collects the remaining data.

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