What Makes iOS A Developer Friendly Platform

Developers play a significant role in the success of any mobile application and this is the reason it’s vital to have a developer-friendly mobile platform or there are higher chances of the developer moving on to another significant one. This way every client keen on owning a mobile app for the business or in case an app entrepreneur wishes to make good revenues must consider the developer's  perspective as well. After all, it is a sure-shot way of attaining great success.


Over time, there have been various surveys carried out and it was realized that iOS is mainly developer friendly compared to Android and others. Here in this post, we are going to make an attempt to assess what makes iOS more of a favorite mobile OS platform from a developer's point of view.

Least Fragmented

Now you must know that Apple is a proprietary platform thus it has hardware and software development within its control. At the same time there is constant improvement both in a synced manner. Thus, mobile developers need to consider just a few previous version compatibilities for OS and hardware.

This way designing and programming tasks turn comfortable leaving enough space for creativity. At the same time testing efforts and costs are kept at bay and enhance the security as well. Meanwhile, when it comes to Android, rigorous fragmentations in software and hardware take up a lot of time, cost and resources of a mobile app development company in comparison to iOS and developers who avoid going for Android.

Security Features

Well, there are no doubts at all that security at OS platform level is the major concern for any mobile developer to come up with secure and safe application for the clients. Luckily in case of Apple it proves to be way more active as well as it implements strict guidelines all along the approval process.

At the same time, Apple addresses security aspects in a beautiful manner on iOS level, delivering robust hardware with enhanced security features in every new release or version. Now we hardly see any other mobile OS platform doing the same.

Development Technologies & Tools

The support of the platform for technologies and tools proves to be imperative for any mobile developer in order to offer creativity into the final products. Significantly, in the case of iOS, it has made wonderful attempts in order to deliver developer friendly technologies like Swift against the Objective-C.

The Xcode and SDKs of iOS are huge and better compared to the rivals while the development environment presents advanced features such as Interface Builder and View Controllers in order to meet the requirements of highly complex and challenging app development.

In case of data driven app development, CoreData framework supported by SQLite database management is an amazing choice for the iOS app developers to deal with complex data structure and its management in comparison to other mobile OS platforms.

In case of data driven app development, CoreData framework supported by SQLite database management tends to be best choice for iOS app developers. This enables them to face complex data structure and its management in comparsion to other mobile OS platforms.

Platform UX

The late Steve Job had emphasized  UX against  technological advancements so this is the reason iOS platform presents more users that are prosperous and willingly make payments for excellence compared to its rival.

In this way iOS app development offers more benefits as compared to Android and others, as well as it entices developers who bet on the innovations, creativity and investment. In the same way app entrepreneurs and businesses look for a quality audience on iOS devices running a good return on investment for their desired projects.