Where Is .NET As Open Source

In this Channel 9 video from dotnetConf session, Scott Hanselman talks about the open source .NET and state of .NET in context with open source software.

“..whole reason myself and other people came to Microsoft to open source stuff..”

Here is the summary from the session.

ASP.NET was open sourced in 2012.

TypeScript was open sourced and recently, .NET was open sourced.

.NET Standard Library will give us ability to write .NET code, C# code, VB code, F# code on top of the open source library.

Blogs are the engine of community.

In last 4-5 years, we see some amazing stuff going in .NET open source. We saw new people blogging and talking about things they have created.

In last one year, .NET OSS talks have increased.

Community involvement is growing.

Watch this video for more details: