Why Choose AngularJS For Mobile Application Development

AngularJS has certainly enjoyed great prominence as well as dominance over Javascript frameworks right from the beginning owing to the advanced client-side MVW framework. Integrated with great features, this framework has facilitated adoption from individuals and enterprises over the years.

Developed by Google in 2010, AngularJS enhanced HTML is used in web applications as well as is useful in simplifying the testing and development process for developers. AngularJS offers absolute rewrite of the entire framework while introduced various changes to its framework with every version. It offers Javascript framework as well as simplifies the development process involved during the application development process enjoying more success as compared to its counterparts.

It was in 2010 that Google developed AngularJS and it enhances HTML used in web applications as well as allows simplifying the entire testing and development process for developers. AngularJS offers entire rewrite of the whole framework while introducing various changes to its framework with every version. With other Javascript frameworks, AngularJS simplifies the development process engaged during the application development process with it attaining great success as compared to its counterparts.


In Comparison with jQuery

As you implement a renowned scenario where a UI requires sending few requests to the backend server and then rendering it on the web page performing well, it works well both in AngularJS and JQuery, however AngularJS needs the developer to perform the DOM translations. The logic or behavior within JQuery affecting the elements are put together and thus the need arises to separate them by the developer effectively. If you require updating a specific DOM element for the backend server, the coding is required. UI’s data and data controller can’t be separated.

With the separation of the UI data and its representation, this framework employs Model/View/Controller concept. Here the coding is useful in translating data to the DOM and vice versa. However, AngularJS allows seamless binding which boosts productivity. This can be done on jQuery, however in case of AngularJS, it’s smarter and more efficient.

Advantages of AngularJS over other Javascript Frameworks

Faster and Modern Browsers

Yes, faster browsers hold immense importance for developers and with Angular JS 2.0, it’s easier to focus well on varied browsers on the desktop and also on mobile. Developers prefer AngularJS owing to its code-base being short and compact while it’s easy to use its features sans stressing over the backward compatibility. This way it’s easier to simplify AngularJS app development process.

Mobility Driven

With the advent of mobile, AngularJS came int the fore and it is quite apt to develop mobile apps. Its latest version offers more features and it facilitates mobility driven approach for simplified development process. Developers vouch for mobile-specific features that comprise of low memory consumption, touch support and performance tuning. It’s also easy to resolve app issues using AngularJS.

Changing Internet

Over the years, there have been drastic changes in the web and the changes are certain to occur in future too. Even though AngularJS older versions couldn’t work with web components like HTML imports, shadow DOM etc., the newer version enables developers to come up with custom elements and support for diverse web components.

Better Performance

When AngularJS first came in, it was suitable for designers and now with a few enhancements in design, it is able to meet the developer’s requirements quite well. With more improved versions, developerswill be able better framework performance in a great way.

Easy Applicability

Implementation of AngularJS is not at all easy as there is need of great understanding regarding the technicalities of the framework as well as broad knowledge about the strengths and features. The features comprise of custom directives and controllers forming the basis of AngularJS. However, with the newly rewritten code for AngularJS, faster development process is expected, along with faster time to market.

AngularJS 2.0 offered various enhancements and all the eyes are set on the best features that maybe yet to come with the coming version while some whirlwind features are also expected to be there.