Why Everyone Should Write A Blog

When it comes to blogging, some of us write passionately, but I have seen many potentially good bloggers not coming out of their shells. This has just one reason – their hesitation.

I have compiled a few benefits of blogging and put them into questions that you can ask yourself if you belong to the above category. Even if you are writing, read them to assess where you are now.

Do you want to refine your writing skills?


Writing is a communication skill. When we write a blog, we read more, we read to write. By reading more, we enhance our vocabulary, improve our writing skills, get impressed by others’ writing style and learn a lot. There are many tools and plugins available to analyze your write up and give suggestions to improve it. With every new article, we become a better writer.


Do you want to improve and share your knowledge?


After discussing about upgrading our writing skills, the next question is what will we be writing. For writing anything, we need to do more reading. More reading results in more knowledge of the subject. We understand the subject in a better way, and we get more clarity on the topic. Now, this greater knowledge will give us the confidence to showcase our knowledge to everyone. Our knowledge will benefit others, even those whom we don’t even know.

Do you want to organize your thoughts?


Now since we have knowledge and confidence to share, we need to organize the acquired knowledge. We will make sure our writing keeps readers interested and read until the end. For this, you will try to make the flow of thoughts in a proper sequence so that users get all the related information sequentially and at one place. Basically, your article becomes a “One Stop Shop” for the subject.

Do you want to express yourself?


We may be introverts or low on confidence, reluctant to write, or unable to decide what to write. Then we need to follow our choices, our learnings, our experiences --  that is the easiest way to start thinking and deciding about the topic. Once we are up to speed with the topic, we just need to start explaining it in a way we would like it to be read. What we can’t say, we can write fantastically.

Do you want to be more visible in the community?


To express ourselves through articles, we will share and circulate them in our fraternity. Most of the people will know you, they will be familiar with your work and knowledge, and they will acknowledge your in-depth knowledge. You will get more people to read you and understand you better. You change your readers with your write up and readers give feedback to improve you further.

Do you want to make your portfolio stronger?


Our knowledge of the subject gives us better visibility in our tribe. Sharing our work on social media platforms will make our profile stronger. If we mention this on our CV, it will make an impact. Blogs are our new visiting cards now and it may make our profile shine.

Do you want to inspire others?


Now that you have been through all the above we start writing and become experts. It is time to inspire others to do and achieve what you did. You will help others from your experiences and, in turn, they will end up doing the same.

With this, I hope, I have motivated at least one future blogger to begin. Please share your feedback.