Will Ionic 2.2.0 Turn Out To Be Iconic?

Licensed under MIT, Ionic was introduced in the mobile app development community in 2013. It is a highly recognized ‘open-source SDK’ that assists in building hybrid mobile apps. Web technologies such as CSS, HTML5, and Sass are used to develop these mobile apps. In a span of only 4 years, Ionic has reached a considerable height that makes ionic app development a noted affair.

Features of Ionic

Comprising of ‘mobile components, typography, interactive paradigms, and an extensible base theme’, Ionic SDK enables users to build customized apps based on the Android or iOS platform. Value-added functionalities such as ‘push notifications, A/B testing, analytics, code deploys, automated builds’ and visually appealing structures are also an integral part of Ionic. After its launch in 2013, several upgraded versions have also been introduced, the latest one being Ionic 2.2.0. The iconic features of Ionic 2.2.0 will ease up the mobile app developer’s complex work and will give them a breather.


Cutting-edge Features of Ionic 2.2.0

  • Split Pane
    The Split Pane feature makes the visual display of the apps more attractive and appealing to the users. With every upgrade, Ionic is getting better. The Ionic team identified the challenge of an inefficient grid system in the version 1.0 update. Upon realizing it, the team ensured that ionic app development would be made easy by making the display grid proficient with the forthcoming updates. Ionic 2.2.0 did just that. Having addressed this issue, ionic app developers can now decide the right display proportion both, in the mobile and desktop.
  • Angular 2.4.8 Assistance
    Previously, working seamlessly with Angular 2.4.8 was a key concern for app developers. With the new Ionic 2.2.0 update, ionic app developers can readily fix all bugs and receive assistance in case, they face an issue. Angular 2.4.8 has gone through extensive testing and has ensured users of its sturdy and reliable performance capabilities.

Additional Attributes that Add Value

Nav- inception

This feature is another key development that takes Ionic to a new level. With this upgrade, ionic app developers can easily navigate through mails as the same was not inculcated in previous versions. With this they are able to create similar visual layout on their system that could only be developed on iOS platform. Every image that is created will perform independently with its own ion-nav.

Ionic Storage

It’s the era of improvements. With the Ionic 2.2.0 update, the earlier version of ionic storage must also be updated to access the additional features. The ionic app developer community has effectively addressed storage as well as bug issues that were detrimental to optimum performance. These issues were centered around ‘refresher, components, menu, tabs, radio, infinite-scroll and view-controller’. With the latest update, these shortcomings have been rectified thus an ionic app developer can store as much amount of data as required.

With previous Ionic versions, app developers did come across many troubles. Now, all of them have been addressed and issues related to picture clarity, bugs, storage – all have been readily resolved.

The benefits are huge. It’s just the right time for you to get the Ionic 2.2.0 update and experience all the iconic advantages that it has to offer. Forget your app development glitches and redefine with all the momentum.


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