Windows 10 IoT: Monitor Temperature & Humidity Using DHT11 - Raspberry Pi

This article will help you to build a model with Pi and other sensors where you can monitor the temperature at a particular place where it is mounted.


  1. Raspberry Pi 2/3 device with Windows 10 IoT Core OS connected towards Internet
  2. Laptop or PC with Windows 10 OS connected towards internet
  3. DHT11 temperature sensor with three pin

About DHT11 temperature sensor:

DHT11 temperature sensor used in this model allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity. This DHT11 temperature sensor holds three pins Data, Power in (VCC) and Ground (GND).

Follow the below steps:

Step 1:

Connecting DHT11 sensor towards Pi:

  1. Connect the data pin towards GPIO 4 at Pi kit using Jumper wires
  2. Connect the Power pin towards Power (3.3v PWR) at Pi kit using Jumper wires
  3. Connect the ground pin at DHT11 towards Ground (GND) at Pi kit using Jumper wires

Refer the following image for connectivity:
Step 2:

Connecting Pi with Monitor:

Connect your Pi kit with monitor and start your device. Make sure that the Pi kit is connected towards Internet.

Step 3:

Build with Visual Studio 2015

Download the solution file from this URL -

Open the solution file attached with this article under Visual Studio 2015.


Change the target version towards the version of OS installed at Pi,


Change the Deployment platform for Remote Machine and ARM processor. Give the IP address of Pi towards Visual Studio and deploy now.


Find the temperature and humidity at the display connected towards Raspberry Pi.

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