Working with 2D Graphics in WPF

Hey guys, in this article I am going explain how to draw home with 2D drawings in WPF.

This topic provides an overview of 3-D functionality in the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) graphics system. The WPF 3-D implementation allows developers to draw, transform, and animate 3-D graphics in both markup and procedural code, using the same capabilities afforded by the platform to 2-D graphics. Developers can combine 2-D and 3-D graphics to create rich controls, provide complex illustrations of data, or enhance the user experience of an application's interface. 3-D support in WPF is not designed to provide a full-featured game-development platform. Windows Presentation Foundation 3-D classes allow developers to create 3D models in Windows applications as a part of GUI.

Creating 3D Models involves following features:

  1. Creating 3D surfaces by defining more number of triangular surfaces
  2. Assigning Material property for the 3D model
  3. Creating light sources
  4. Creating camera to visualize the 3D model from different angle.
  5. Animating the models
  6. 3D graphics is to produce 2D images from 3D models suitable for displaying on an output such as your computer screen.

Here is snap shot.

Here is design:






                    <DrawingGroup x:Name="House">

                    <GeometryDrawing x:Name="Front" Brush="Orange" Geometry="M0,260 L0,600 L110,670 L110,500 L190,550 L190,710 L300,775 L300,430 L150,175">


                    <GeometryDrawing x:Name="Side" Brush="Blue" Geometry="M300, 430 L300, 775 L600, 600 L600, 260">


                    <GeometryDrawing x:Name="Roof" Brush="Yellow" Geometry="M150,175 L300, 430 L600, 260 L450, 0">









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