Your Current Settings Do Not Allow File To Be Downloaded

In this article, we will see, how we can get rid of an error “Your current settings do not allow file to be downloaded” in Windows Server 2012. You will get this error, whenever you try to download a file in your Server. For me, it was one of Azure Virtual Machine. Here, I am going to share with you a quick fix, which you can do when you face this issue. I hope you will like this.


As I said, I wanted to install Web Matrix in my virtual machine. Thus, I can install WordPress and MySQL for one of my Websites.

Download Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

When I tried that, I got an error as follows:

Alert – Your current settings do not allow this file to be downloaded.

Steps to fix your current settings do not allow the file to be downloaded

Step 1: Go to your Internet Options of your Internet Explorer.

Internet Options


Step 2: Go to your Security tab -> Internet -> Custom level.


Step 3: Go to Downloads and enable it.


Step 4: Click Yes and OK.


Now, if you try to download it again, you won’t get the error. Hope it helps.



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