3D Box Container Build Native Platform Using Gdevelop


This blog demonstrates the 3D box container native platform “Gdevelop” Software, and is open source. Games exported with GDevelop are based on a native and HTML5 platform, and it's a cross platform game creator.


“Gdevelop” Software Environment version 4.0 (Free).

Exercise 1

Click on->File, open New Folder and then you will see:

After condition choose platform  and click on->Native platform

Click->Open Empty Project, Create a new empty project.


New Scene

Open default conditions.

Scene->Insert Object

Events->Construct event conditions.

Exercise 2

We need to go to the left side project manager.

See New Scene conditions->Right click. After that a window will appear; change background color->after that click Ok.


See that given template background is applied:


Exercise 3

Open scene condition, Right click on->window stage.

Dialog box will appear and then, select-> insert new object.


Click on->insert object.


Open object type window, Select->3D box object. After Click->Ok,

Project preview on the below template:

Exercise 4

Again, you right click on->Window Stage, Select-> Inserting a new object


Dialog box will open by Default, Select->Sprite.


Click on->Sprite object, Default open dialog box, Edit player object, images to add in the Scene Layer.


Right Click on->Player object, windows will appear and then you'll see the editor.


Exercise 5 - Adding Behaviors

Right Click on->3D box container, Select->Add a Behavior object.

Dialog box will appear, Choose Behavior Select->Platform. After Click on->Ok


Again, Right Click on->Player object, Select Behavior->Platform Character. And then Click on->Ok….


The Output can be displayed.

Finally, your project can run, Click on->Preview create a 3D box container



I hope you understood how to build a 3D box Container in Gdevelop Software. Thanks for Reading…….