3D Box Container Build Native Platform Using Gdevelop

This blog demonstrates the 3D box container Build Native Platform “Gdevelop” Software and is open source. Games exported with GDevelop are based on the native and HTML5 platform, Cross platform game creator.


This blog demonstrates the 3D box container native platform “Gdevelop” Software, and is open source. Games exported with GDevelop are based on a native and HTML5 platform, and it's a cross platform game creator.


“Gdevelop” Software Environment version 4.0 (Free).

Exercise 1

Click on->File, open New Folder and then you will see:

After condition choose platform  and click on->Native platform

Click->Open Empty Project, Create a new empty project.


New Scene

Open default conditions.

Scene->Insert Object

Events->Construct event conditions.

Exercise 2

We need to go to the left side project manager.

See New Scene conditions->Right click. After that a window will appear; change background color->after that click Ok.


See that given template background is applied:


Exercise 3

Open scene condition, Right click on->window stage.

Dialog box will appear and then, select-> insert new object.


Click on->insert object.


Open object type window, Select->3D box object. After Click->Ok,

Project preview on the below template:

Exercise 4

Again, you right click on->Window Stage, Select-> Inserting a new object


Dialog box will open by Default, Select->Sprite.


Click on->Sprite object, Default open dialog box, Edit player object, images to add in the Scene Layer.


Right Click on->Player object, windows will appear and then you'll see the editor.


Exercise 5 - Adding Behaviors

Right Click on->3D box container, Select->Add a Behavior object.

Dialog box will appear, Choose Behavior Select->Platform. After Click on->Ok


Again, Right Click on->Player object, Select Behavior->Platform Character. And then Click on->Ok….


The Output can be displayed.

Finally, your project can run, Click on->Preview create a 3D box container



I hope you understood how to build a 3D box Container in Gdevelop Software. Thanks for Reading…….