A Reporting Solution For Redmine


Redmine is a popular issue tracking system. It has most of the features required, including SCM integration, a plug in system with a couple of very useful integrations. It is supported by or supports a wide range of other products (e.g. TeamCity, Slack, Mattermost). However, during our daily usage we found it lacks some important reporting functionalities. 

The Reporting Solution

Being the creator of a reporting tool, we were able to help ourselves. And we decided to share our effort for all other Redmine users as well and created the free and open sourced Redmine Reports project.

It offers a UI where you can choose the project, trackers and versions you'd like to report on:

The report can of course be customized in the Designer, there's a thorough Designer online reference including some tutorials if you'd like to get started quickly. The default report already shows a number of useful visualizations including open tickets, assignees, open tests and a couple of burndown charts:

A Reporting Solution for Redmine


The presented reporting solution is of great benefit for our daily planning. If you're using Redmine as issue tracker, be sure to check it out and let me know if you find it useful, too.