A Summary On SharePoint Look Book


A SharePoint Look Book is a pre-designed template available for our SharePoint sites. These are downloadable templates that are hosted by Microsoft. We can see different types of downloadable templates with different designs along with some short descriptions. We can select and download the templates which have appropriate look and feel depending upon our SharePoint Online/Office 365 site requirement.

Where we can find the Look Book

We can access the SharePoint Look Book from the URL: “https://lookbook.microsoft.com”.

What are the templates we can use?

A page will open after clicking on the above link. Then scroll down a little on the same page and you can get an option “Create stunning sites” where you can check different templates under the tabs like Organization, Department, Team, Community, Solutions, Schools as shown in the below image,

How to use Look Book templates in our SharePoint site

Please follow the below steps to add the template to your SharePoint site.

Step 1

To add a template to the SharePoint site, choose a template and click on it. I have selected the “Leadership news, events, engagement” template here and added this to the SharePoint site.

Step 2

After selecting the template, a page will open. Then click on the “Add to your tenant”.

Step 3

This will redirect you to sign in to your SharePoint tenant. Please provide the credential.

Step 4

After entering the credential, you will find the below page. On that page, you can see an option to change the URL/ Site Title. If you want, you can change it otherwise you can find a default URL or Title. Then click on “Provision”.

Step 5

After successful creation, this will show a message “Provisioning completed”.

Step 6

After creation, copy the Site URL and open the site. The site will look as below image.


Look book is really helpful for designing/creating a SharePoint website depending upon the organizational requirement. There are templates available in a ready to use manner. We can check a selection, the template and also we can modify the template after adding it to the SharePoint site.