Accessing A Tuple Value To Another Tuple


In this blog, I will explain about accessing a Tuple value to another Tuple. I will try to access the value of the Tuple to another Tuple.
Software Requirement
Python 3.5.2
Simple Programming
  1. print("Welcome To C#Corner...........")  
  2. #  Accessing a Tuple Through Another Tuple  
  4. a=("Zero","First","Second","Third")  
  5. b=(a,"B's 1st Element")  
  6. print("%s" % b[1])  
  7. print("%s" % b[0][0])  
  8. print("%s" % b[0][1])  
  9. print("%s" % b[0][2])  
  10. print("%s" % b[0][3])  
In this blog, I will explain about accessing the value through another tuple. In the first code, I will assign the "a" value and in the second code, I will display the "a" value by the code in the "a" value.

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