Action Microsoft.Crm.Setup.Common.Update.DBUpdateAction Failed Error while Installing MS CRM 2013 UR 2

Recently, we did a MS CRM 2013 upgrade for one of our customers from MS CRM 4.0; during the installation of MS CRM 2013 UR 2 we got this error. We tried to find out if someone has faced this issue before or not and found this thread (thanks to the poster) in the Microsoft Dynamics forum. Although it is an unsupported change, but it helped us to resolve this issue. We followed the given below steps, mentioned there, and it resolved our issue. 

1. Take a complete backup of your MSCRM_CONFIG database

2. Rename dbo.dbupdateinstallinfo to dbo.dbupdateinstallinfo-old, under mscrm_config db.

3. Rename dbo.dbupdateinstallinfo_V5 to dbo.dbupdateinstallinfo_V5-old under mscrm_Config db.

4. Installed MS CRM UR 2.

MS CRM 2013 UR 2 recreated these tables as per the new installation of CRM 2013.

Hope it will help someone!!